Saturday, October 30, 2010

rolling thunder revue

the carnival rolled into town. in the wake of recording desire, rehearsals for a tour snowballed into jam sessions that attracted an ever-increasing entourage that eventually included joan baez, ronee blakley, t-bone burnett, ramblin' jack elliott, roberta flack, kinky friedman, allen ginsberg, david mansfield, roger mcguinn, joni mitchell, bobby neuwirth, scarlet rivera, mick ronson, sam shepard, steven soles, rob stoner, and howie wyeth.

this raggle taggle gypsy roadshow reinvigorated dylan's music by combining with eclectic old world instrumentation and electric glam-rock gusto.

"i rode straight away
for the wild unknown country where i could not go wrong"

Bob Dylan - Isis (Live 1975) by alexnesic66

Blowin' In The Wind

"how many roads most a man walk down
before you call him a man?"

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