Tuesday, October 26, 2010


the future of rock and roll made the leap from indie to majors with tim. their raucous, drunken noise was cleaned up by producer tommy ramone; but the vitality is not diminished. there is a tension that speaks to the new pressures of fame as paul westerberg seems to be struggling with developing more serious songwriting (to the chagrin of his bandmates). this was the last replacements album with the original lineup. due to differences over the new direction and/or his increasingly disruptive behavior, bob stinson was out of the band. with him went the goofy brilliance of the early 'placemats'.

'hold my life' "because i just might lose it."

the pop romanticism of 'kiss me on the bus' channels alex chilton.
"c'mon, let's make a scene
oh, baby, don't be so mean"

'left of the dial' is either a celebration of college radio or a bemoaning of the fact that their music is mostly confined to it.
"on and on and on and on
what side are you on?"

the official video for 'bastards of young' showed a speaker for the entire song. this live version is more exciting.
"waitin' to be forgotten ... we are the sons of no one"

'here comes a regular' is one westerberg's most confessional songs marking the shift from drunken sillyness to lonely regret.
"am i the only one who feels ashamed?"

full album:

All songs written by Paul Westerberg, except as indicated.

Side one

"Hold My Life" – 4:18
"I'll Buy" – 3:20
"Kiss Me on the Bus" – 2:48
"Dose of Thunder" (Chris Mars, Tommy Stinson, Westerberg) – 2:16
"Waitress in the Sky" – 2:02
"Swingin Party" – 3:48
Side two
"Bastards of Young" – 3:35
"Lay It Down Clown" – 2:22
"Left of the Dial" – 3:41
"Little Mascara" – 3:33
"Here Comes a Regular" – 4:46

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