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Bob Dylan cultivated a new coalition for the secret emotions and reckless revelations of this personal and political passion play.  In the wake of his classic 'Blood on the Tracks' album, Dylan was inspired to create a new band after seeing the live chemistry between the musicians in the Patti Smith Band.  Recorded just before the start of the Rolling Thunder Revue and released during the break between the two legs of the tour, 'Desire' was the result of extensive collaboration. He co-wrote all but two of the songs with Jacques Levy, who also directed the live stage show.  Bassist Rob Stoner brought in drummer Howard Wyeth. Dylan met violinist Scarlet Rivera on the street and invited her to come into the studio. Emmylou Harris was also brought in to record background vocals. His romanticized depiction of gangster Joey Gallo as a type of legendary outlaw drew extensive criticism. Despite the controversy (or perhaps because of it), the album spent five weeks on the top of the album chart.

'Hurricane' is one of Dylan's most overtly political songs about the conviction of middleweight boxer Rubin Carter.



BOB DYLAN...02-Isis from BRADA on Vimeo.


"Lying next to her by the ocean
Reaching out and touching her hand
Whispering your secret emotion
Magic in a magical land."

Bob Dylan -  Mozambique 1976 by elvistation

'Romance in Durango'

"Me and Magdalena on the run
I think this time we shall escape."

'Sara' may be his most personal song.

"Sweet virgin angel, sweet love of my life...
Radiant jewel, mystical wife."


full album:

All tracks written by Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy, except as noted.

Side one

1. "Hurricane"   8:33
2. "Isis"   6:58
3. "Mozambique"   3:00
4. "One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)" (Dylan) 3:43
5. "Oh, Sister"   4:05
Side two
1. "Joey"   11:05
2. "Romance in Durango"   5:50
3. "Black Diamond Bay"   7:30
4. "Sara" (Dylan) 5:29


"Abandoned Love" 


BOB DYLAN- Catfish from Keith Diaz on Vimeo.

"Golden Loom" 

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