Sunday, October 3, 2010

mike + the mechanics

mike rutherford took the reins with this miraculous pop call to arms.   after the poor reception of his two solo albums, he made the wise decision to bring in paul carrack and paul young to handle the vocals with a new band. the resulting mike + the mechanics is pop perfection. beyond the three fabulous hit singles below, every song on the album is a gem. rockers like 'hanging by a thread' and 'take the reins' are balanced by ballads like 'par avion' and 'you are the one'. 'a call to arms' was a leftover song from the eponymous genesis album that was reworked by his new bandmates. i was enthralled with this album during my high school years. it provided a soundtrack to my emotional upheavals and has a special place in my heart.

"can you hear me running; can you hear me calling you?"

f i ever catch up with you, i'm gonna love you for the rest of your life"

here's one born every minute and you're looking at him."

full album:

"Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)" (Rutherford, B. A. Robertson) – 6:10
"All I Need Is a Miracle" (Rutherford, Christopher Neil) – 4:10
"Par Avion" (Rutherford, Neil) – 3:36
"Hanging By a Thread" (Rutherford, Neil, Robertson) – 4:40
"I Get the Feeling" (Rutherford, Neil) – 4:27
"Take the Reins" (Rutherford, Neil, Robertson) – 4:18
"You Are the One" (Rutherford, Neil) – 3:41
"A Call to Arms" (Rutherford, Neil, Robertson, Tony Banks, Phil Collins) – 4:38

"Taken In" (Rutherford, Neil) – 4:17

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