Sunday, October 31, 2010


The new wave of out of Liverpool with this shimmering pop absurdity. the sound was dynamic and the lyrics inscrutable. Julian Cope may have been out of his mind on dope and speed; but the world he created inspired the next wave of musical travelers.  The working title for the album was Everyone Wants To Shag The Teardrop Explodes, but was changed to Kilimanjaro.  

Reward was added to later pressings of the album.

Treason went to number three on the UK indie singles chart

Ha Ha I'm Drowning


full album:

All tracks composed by Julian Cope, Gary Dwyer and Michael Finkler; except where indicated

"Ha Ha I'm Drowning" (2.53)

"Sleeping Gas" (Cope, Dwyer, Finkler, Paul Simpson) (3.45)
"Treason" (3.05)
"Second Head" (3.10)
"Reward" (2.53)
"Poppies in the Field" (5.03)
"Went Crazy" (Cope, Finkler) (2.38)
"Brave Boys Keep Their Promises" (2.30)
"Bouncing Babies" (2.28)
"Books" (Cope, Ian McCulloch) (2.37)
"The Thief of Baghdad" (3.09)
"When I Dream" (5.10)

1. Brave Boys Keep Their Promises (0:07)
2. Ha-Ha I'm Drowning (2:26)
3. Went Crazy (6:03)

4. Chance (8:52)

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