Friday, October 1, 2010

head over heels

twenty five years ago i attended my first rock concert. it was a pivotal event in my life that almost didn't happen.

it involved waiting outside of a jc penney at the mall and running with my friends through the store for the ticket outlet upstairs. i bought tickets before asking my parent's permission, knowing that they would not approve. the show sold out that morning; but i waited until the week of the show to broach the subject with my mother. she finally relented when she heard my final plea: "but i already bought the tickets."

i had an emotional response to the music of tears for fears when i first heard them on the radio. the entire album resonated with me as it did with so many at the time. songs from the big chair was sophisticated, cathartic, insightful, and a number one smash. my friends and i had spent many nights listening closely to discern the lyrics.

the concert was an invigorating experience. the teaming mass of people, the smell of dry ice, and the dark quiet all combined to create a heightened sense of awareness. when the music washed over me, i was enthralled. i lost my voice shouting along from our seats on the first tier opposite the stage at the hartford civic center. it was therapeutic and inspirational and the beginning of a long love affair with live music.


between the searching and the need to work it out

i stop believing everything will be alright
we are broken
Iim walking uphill being turned around and round
secret in motion when my feet are on the ground
we are broken
in my mind's eye
one little boy anger one little man
funny how time flies

head over heals

i wanted to be with you alone
and talk about the weather
but traditions i can trace against the child in your face
won't escape my attention
you keep your distance with a system of touch
and gentle persuasion
i'm lost in admiration could i need you this much
oh, you're wasting my time
you're just wasting time

something happens and i'm head over heels
i never find out till i'm head over heels
something happens and i'm head over heels
ah don't take my heart
don't break my heart
don't throw it away

i made a fire and watching it burn
thought of your future
with one foot in the past now just how long will it last
no no no have you no ambition
my mother and my brothers used to breathe in clean air
and dreaming i'm a doctor
it's hard to be a man when there's a gun in your hand
oh i feel so...

something happens and i'm head over heels

and this my four leaf clover
i'm on the line, one open mind
this is my four leaf clover

in my mind's eye
one little boy, one little man,
funny how time flies.

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