Wednesday, October 20, 2010


thirty years ago u2 seemed to emerge fully formed from some mystical place inside our collective adolescence. the music came crashing over in waves of chiming feedback, pulsating rhythms, and anthemic soaring vocals. they were at once: confident and curious, sexual and spiritual, dark and primordial. recorded when they were teenagers, boy echos with a maturity and thoughtfulness that draws from something larger than life. references to lord of the flies and the picture of dorian gray evoke the sense that things are not what they seem and that there is something sinister going on just below the surface. perhaps that is why american record producers were worried that the original cover art, featuring a shirtless peter rowen, might be suggestive of pedophilia and insisted on changing it to the stretched out rendering of the band. lyrics like "in the shadow, boy meets man" were open to such interpretation as well as of growing up. existentialist ruminations on broken toys and "sweet rain tragicomedy" provide a stirring backdrop to a complex coming of age where "sometimes the hero takes" and "sometimes the lady takes" us on a cloud to another time, another place.

'i will follow' speaks to the unconditional love a mother has for her child. you get glockenspiel as an added bonus.

"a boy tries hard to be a man; his mother takes him by the hand"

the ocean
"picture in gray...dorian gray"

a day without me
"starting a landslide in my ego"

out of control
"one dull morning woke the world with falling"

'an cat dubh / into the heart'
"yes, and i know the truth about you..."

full album:

All tracks written by U2. 

Side one
1. "I Will Follow"   3:40
2. "Twilight"   4:22
3. "An Cat Dubh"   4:46
4. "Into the Heart"   3:27
5. "Out of Control"   4:12
Side two
1. "Stories for Boys"   3:04
2. "The Ocean"   1:34
3. "A Day Without Me"   3:12
4. "Another Time, Another Place"   4:31
5. "The Electric Co."   4:47
6. "Shadows and Tall Trees" 5:13

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