Thursday, October 21, 2010

blind melon

richard shannon hoon
(september 26, 1967 – october 21, 1995)

the troubled lead singer of blind melon started out in a guns and roses cover band in lafayatte, indiana. blind melon came together in los angeles. before they recorded their eponymous debut, hoon visited with axl rose (also from lafayette) in the studio during the use your illusion sessions and was invited to sing backing vocals.

blind melon was an album cast in the mold of classic rock embracing a hippie aesthetic. it floundered on the charts while they toured extensively with the likes of guns and roses, ozzy osbourne, neil young, and soundgarden. it wasn't until this famous video (featuring drummer glenn graham's younger sister heather deloach dressed in a bee costume) was released that 'no rain' became a runaway hit. it speaks to the plight of the outcast and should bring a smile to your face with the realization that there's a room out there for the bee in all of us with a welcoming crowd of likeminded folk. "it's a great escape."

hoon was plagued with drug addiction; and had numerous violent outbursts which led to arrests. after the birth of his daughter nico blue, he was in and out of rehab facilities. he got an early release from one to tour for blind melon's second album soup by agreeing to bring a drug counselor. that didn't keep him from the drugs; and fifteen years ago today he was found dead on the tour bus. i remember feeling so disappointed at the news.

blind melon added instrumentation to the last demos that hoon recorded and released nico. proceeds went to benefit his infant daughter with a portion going to musicians assistants program, an organization that helps artists recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

"i know we can't all stay here forever so i want to write my words on the face of today and they'll paint it"

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