Thursday, October 7, 2010

tears à la godley

kevin michael godley,
born 7 October 1945

with longtime music and video collaborator lol cream, he has produced some memorable and innovative work over the years. these two songs have both been favorites of mine since i first heard them. they're sad and they're sweet and i knew them complete. you should too.

twenty five years ago godley and cream released this groundbreaking video for 'cry' which features an analog cross fading technique to melt different faces into one another. it was a top twenty hit on both sides of the atlantic.

"you don't know how to ease my pain."

thirty five years ago 10cc were all over the radio with this synthesized lush denial. during the sessions for 'the original sountrack', godley and cream didn't like the original bossa nova direction the song was taking and scrapped it; but when staff at the studio were overheard singing "i'm not in love", they knew they had to try again. they multi-tracked vocal overdubs to produce the effect of a two hundred and fifty six voice choir. a number one hit in the u.k., in the states it lingered at the number two spot for three weeks (kept out by three different songs: 'the hustle', 'one of these nights', and 'jive talkin').

"big boys don't cry."

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