Friday, October 29, 2010

the la's

today's super groovy delicious bite is a cult classic sprinkled with 60's dust.   the la's released their only album after years of working out the right sound.    there was something so pure about that chiming guitar. it harkened back to liverpool in the sixties, and yet, seemed to take it somewhere new and fresh. it seemed a natural progression. their perfectionist frontman lee mavers spent three years going through producer after producer trying to find the right sound. after the album (produced by steve lillywhite and mark wallis) was released, mavers disowned it. years later, older versions of the songs surfaced (from a cassette of sessions produced by mike hedges) that were closer to the sound that mavers had been seeking and were released as part of a two disk deluxe edition.

although it was only a minor hit on both sides of the atlantic 'there she goes' has been covered several times and remains an indie standard. it plays with the idea of love and addiction, using language that suggests both:

"pulsing thru' my vein
and i just can't contain
this feelin' that remains"

full album:

The La's: Deluxe Edition
Disc 1: Original album
1. "Son of a Gun"   1:56
2. "I Can't Sleep"   2:37
3. "Timeless Melody"   3:01
4. "Liberty Ship"   2:30
5. "There She Goes"   2:42
6. "Doledrum"   2:50
7. "Feelin'"   1:44
8. "Way Out"   2:32
9. "I.O.U."   2:08
10. "Freedom Song"   2:23
11. "Failure"   2:54
12. "Looking Glass"   7:52
Disc 1: Bonus material
13. "Son of a Gun" (Gary Crowley, GLR Session Dec '88) 1:55
14. "Doledrum" (Gary Crowley, GLR Session Dec '88) 3:00
15. "I Can't Sleep" (Gary Crowley, GLR Session Dec '88) 2:34
16. "Way Out" (Key 103, Jan '89) 2:42
17. "I Am the Key" (Key 103, Jan '89) 3:05
18. "That'll Be the Day" (BBC2 The Late Show Feb '89, Buddy Holly/Jerry Allison/Norman Petty) 2:07
Disc 2: Mike Hedges album
1. "I.O.U." (Mike Hedges version) 2:05
2. "I Can't Sleep" (Mike Hedges version) 2:43
3. "Knock Me Down" (Mike Hedges version) 2:56
4. "Way Out" (Mike Hedges version) 2:47
5. "Doledrum" (Mike Hedges version) 2:57
6. "There She Goes" (Mike Hedges version) 2:49
7. "Feelin'" (Mike Hedges version) 1:48
8. "Timeless Melody" (Mike Hedges version) 3:07
9. "Son of a Gun" (Mike Hedges version) 2:05
10. "Clean Prophet" (Mike Hedges version) 2:09
11. "Come in Come Out" (Mike Hedges version) 2:16
12. "Failure" (Mike Hedges version) 3:08
13. "Looking Glass" (Mike Hedges version) 7:28
Disc 2: Bonus material
14. "Doledrum" (John Porter mix) 2:53
15. "Way Out" (Andy MacDonald mix) 2:39
16. "There She Goes" (John Leckie mix) 2:44
17. "Man I'm Only Human" (John Leckie mix) 5:00
18. "Feelin'" (Bob Andrews mix) 1:53
19. "Clean Prophet" (Bob Andrews mix) 2:02

20. "I Can't Sleep" (Jeremy Allom mix) 2:41

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