Monday, October 4, 2010


janis lyn joplin

(january 19, 1943 - october 4, 1970)

an incomparable blues singer, she made a place for women in rock and became a voice for her generation during her brief career. her live performances were famous for the depth of feeling and the emotional connection she established with an audience. she struggled with heroin for years before it finally took her life forty years ago.

she dared to be different and made in indelible mark on the world of popular music with her over-the-top personality and style.

"either be my loving man,
or let me, honey, let me be."

"you can put your head on my shoulder, baby;
'cause i know you got some more tears to shed, baby"

full album:

1. "Move Over"   Janis Joplin 3:39
2. "Cry Baby"   Jerry Ragovoy, Bert Berns 3:56
3. "A Woman Left Lonely"   Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham 3:27
4. "Half Moon"   John Hall, Johanna Hall 3:51
5. "Buried Alive in the Blues"   Nick Gravenites 2:24
6. "My Baby"   Jerry Ragovoy, Mort Shuman 3:44
7. "Me and Bobby McGee"   Kris Kristofferson, Fred Foster 4:29
8. "Mercedes Benz"   Janis Joplin, Bob Neuwirth, Michael McClure 1:46
9. "Trust Me"   Bobby Womack 3:15
10. "Get It While You Can"   Jerry Ragovoy, Mort Shuman 3:23
 bonus tracks
11. "Happy Birthday, John (Happy Trails)"   Dale Evans 1:12
12. "Me and Bobby McGee" (demo version) Kristofferson, Foster 4:46
13. "Move Over" (alternate version) Joplin 4:27
14. "Cry Baby" (alternate version) Ragovoy, Berns 4:59
15. "My Baby" (alternate version) Ragovoy, Shuman 3:59
16. "Pearl" (instrumental) Full Tilt Boogie Band 4:29

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