Sunday, October 24, 2010


roxy music called out to us with their fifth album siren. they brought out the disco, the glam, the country, and the modern to make their most accomplished and cohesive collection of songs. the theme of love, loss, and addiction (lather, rinse, repeat) carries throughout: though cracked wide open, a lonely soul in this world apart still seeks a duet all through the night to light the fire that burned him; though fate is cruel, the rhythm of love must go on; though he might suspect being led on, he still longs to be dragged to the deeps below.

'love is the drug' made it to number two on the british charts. in the states it only made it to number thirty, making it their first and biggest hit. "catch that buzz!"

'the end of the line' is a glorious country glam weepfest:

"if you ever miss me, if i should cross your mind, you know where to find me..."

a syrupy fog of synthesizer brings us out from 'the end of the line' and leads us into a desperate falsetto that crumbles into a tortured and gripping self dialogue:

" 'oh, you silly thing, can't you see what's happening? you're better without it.'
'no, that's not the case; if you were in my place, then you never would doubt it'."

"will the fires keep somewhere deep in my soul tonight?"

"didn't you sigh as you waved goodbye?"

special effects with jerry hall.

full album:

All songs written by Bryan Ferry except as noted. 

Side one

1. "Love Is the Drug" (Ferry, Andy Mackay) 4:11
2. "End of the Line" 5:14
3. "Sentimental Fool" (Ferry, Mackay) 6:14
4. "Whirlwind" (Ferry, Phil Manzanera) 3:38

Side two

1. "She Sells" (Ferry, Eddie Jobson) 3:39
2. "Could It Happen to Me?" 3:36
3. "Both Ends Burning" 5:16
4. "Nightingale" (Ferry, Manzanera) 4:11
5. "Just Another High" 6:31

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