Monday, November 1, 2010

american beauty

the grateful dead showed us the full-flower of their acoustic grace fertilized with a little down home boogie. it is their masterpiece. if workingman's dead was a return to their roots, american beauty was a loving focus to the tending of those roots. sumptuous vocal harmonies and intricate and intimate guitar interplay combine to create some of the most honest and memorable music of any jug band you've ever heard. take your time, sit back and discover the wonders of nature in the secret space of dreams, like the doodah man.

"what do you want me to do,
to do for you to see you through?"

"she's got everything delightful; she's got everything i need"

"sometimes the lights are shining on me
other times i can barely see
lately it occurs to me

"let there be songs to fill the air"

'American Beauty'
full album:

1.Box Of Rain(Garcia / Hunter / Lesh)
2.Friend Of The Devil(Garcia / Hunter / Dawson)
3.Sugar Magnolia(Garcia / Hunter / Weir)
5.Candyman(Garcia / Hunter)
6.Ripple(Garcia / Hunter)
7.Brokedown Palace(Garcia / Hunter)
8.Till The Morning Comes(Garcia / Hunter)
9.Attics Of My Life(Garcia / Hunter)
10.Truckin(Garcia / Hunter / Lesh / Weir)

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