Friday, November 12, 2010

louis armstrong and his hot five

eighty five years ago a new era in jazz swung on in with the first session of louis armstrong and his hot five. combining the different jazz styles from new york, chicago, and his native new orleans; he reinvented and reinvigorated the form with a relaxed approach to improvisation that was inclusive and expressive.

it was also the first time armstrong made records in his own name on okey records. these three songs were recorded with armstrong on cornet, kid ory on trombone, johnny dodds on clarinet, johnny st. cyr on banjo, and lil hardin armstrong on piano.

this song was written by mrs. armstrong; who was the driving force behind the relocation from new york to chicago and starting their own band. originally they were the lil hardin armstrong band.

'yes, i'm in the barrel' was written by louis armstrong and was the b-side of the first single. it sounds too good to be referring to a fish or a bullet or an unpleasant task.

the a-side was also written by louis armstrong.
"mmm hmmm...that...right there's good"

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