Wednesday, November 17, 2010

double fantasy

thirty years ago one of the most famous couples in the world put it all out there (again) with this heart play. double fantasy emerged after a five year gestation in a secluded family bubble. after his separation from yoko and his battles with the u.s. immigration office (the album is dedicated "with special thanks to all the people, known and unknown, who helped us stay in america, without whom this album would not have been made"), john let go of the merry go round of his career and settled into domestic felicity with his new son sean (born on his thirty fifth birthday!); while yoko handled the business end of things. in this musical conversation, songs alternate back and forth between john and yoko from rekindling the romance to doubt and despair, from 'i'm losing you' to 'i'm moving on', from the cold and hard to the warm "sun that looks over our shoulders and brings our shadows together." the most striking thing about this record is the buoyant spirit john displays as he has embraced life and fatherhood. yoko's more dark and edgy contributions make john's wide-eyed optimism that much more pronounced. this is a lovely and complex album for all beautiful boys and the women that love them. when yoko finishes the dialogue with the pronouncement that "hard times are over, over for awhile," it rings rather ominously. after john was murdered, it shot to the top of the charts and ended up receiving a grammy for album of the year. it stands as a testament to the honesty and bravery with which lenono chose to live in the world.

"for the other half of the sky..."

" rain or shine or life or death..."

full album:

Side one
1. "(Just Like) Starting Over"   John Lennon 3:56
2. "Kiss Kiss Kiss"   Yoko Ono 2:41
3. "Cleanup Time"   Lennon 2:58
4. "Give Me Something"   Ono 1:35
5. "I'm Losing You"   Lennon 3:57
6. "I'm Moving On"   Ono 2:20
7. "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)"   Lennon 4:02
Side two
8. "Watching the Wheels"   Lennon 3:35
9. "Yes, I'm Your Angel"   Ono 3:08
10. "Woman"   Lennon 3:32
11. "Beautiful Boys"   Ono 2:55
12. "Dear Yoko"   Lennon 2:34
13. "Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him"   Ono 4:02
14. "Hard Times Are Over"   Ono 3:20

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