Thursday, November 4, 2010


sing a song of blackbirds...

in the twelve years it took her to compose, record, and release aerial, kate bush dealt with the loss of her mother and the dissolution of a long term relationship, started a new marriage, and gave birth to her son. all of those major life threads tie together this elegant and enthralling concept album that explores the magic somewhere in between the everyday moments from motherhood to elvis, from irrational numbers to laundry, from joan of arc to twilight. in her female odyssey it is not clear if she is penelope or molly; but it ends with the same affirmation of life with a flourish of laughter and love. the music is a rich tapestry of lush and varied instrumentation with touches of flamenco, reggae, and electronica (not to mention lots of twittering, soaring birds). you could be in a dream, you could be invisible, you could be climbing up on the aerial. the bird represents inspiration and transcendence in the dance with art and accident. the soundwave of a blackbird song forms the figure on the cover that becomes a series of rocky islands that form the line between a sky of honey and a sea of honey. it is a sublime spiritual journey.

"elvis, are you out there somewhere
looking like a happy man?
in the snow with rosebud
and king of the mountain"


"oh he love, he love, he love
he does love his numbers
and they run, they run, they run him
in a great big circle
in a circle of infinity"

"is that the wind from the desert song?
is that the autumn leaf falling?
or is that you walking home?"

"this is where the shadows come to play
'twixt the day
and night
dancing and skipping
along a chink of light

"it came up on the horizon
rising and rising
in a sea of honey, a sky of honey"

my daughter loves the interlude about two minutes in with the hysterical chirping.

"all of the birds are laughing
come on let's all join in"

full album:

All tracks written by Kate Bush. 

A Sea of Honey
1. "King of the Mountain"   4:53
2. "π"   6:09
3. "Bertie"   4:18
4. "Mrs. Bartolozzi"   5:58
5. "How to Be Invisible"   5:32
6. "Joanni"   4:56
7. "A Coral Room"    6:12

A Sky of Honey 
8. "Prelude"   1:26
9. "Prologue"   5:42
10. "An Architect's Dream"   4:50
11. "The Painter's Link"   1:35
12. "Sunset"   5:58
13. "Aerial Tal"   1:01
14. "Somewhere in Between"   5:00
15. "Nocturn"   8:34

16. "Aerial"   7:52

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