Tuesday, November 9, 2010

miami vice

the last time an instrumental made it to the top of the charts, czech synthesist jan hammer won two grammys and was inducted into the keyboard hall of fame. his 'miami vice theme' was the height of his success; but he has worked with the likes of neal schon, jeff beck, bob geldolf, and david gilmour and continues to write and produce music for films, commercials, and video games.

known for the slick and stylish cinematography, innovative score, floridian pastel fashions (not to mention the trademark stubble), beautiful cars (ferraris daytona and testarossa) and boats, and realistic violence; miami vice captured the zeitgeist of the mid-eighties and introduced millions to an incredible variety of new music. as a teenager, it kept me out of trouble on friday nights.

here's the entire pilot episode of the original series. the theme song had not, as yet, been recorded; although elements of it can be heard in the score.



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