Sunday, November 7, 2010

morgan spurlock

morgan valentine spurlock
(born november 7, 1970)

today's super groovy delicious bite may be more than you can chew. award winning playwright and documentary filmmaker morgan spurlock went from filming people performing disgusting stunts for money on mtv's i bet you will to turning the camera on himself in the sociological experiment of super size me.

it is the twelfth highest grossing documentary of all time.

with the prospect of fatherhood looming in front of him, spurlock travels through the muslim world speaking to random people about islamic fundamentalism and the world's most famous terrorist.

his television series 30 days took the idea of supersize me and extrapolated it into different situations where spurlock and others would immerse themselves into a completely alien environment in order to literally learn empathy.

30 days living at minimum wage:

30 days in a coal mine:

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