Tuesday, November 30, 2010


When is a scream not just a scream? When it is turned inside out and transformed before your very ears into something achingly beautiful and almost delicate.  Tim Buckley took us out there with this funk rock jazz freak folk.

'Starsailor' is an album that will lure you in with a sultry groove and then tear down the walls with raw emotion and explosive blast of vocal dexterity. Everything changes and challenges your preconceptions from song to song. The transition from the avante garde 'Monterey' to the sweet and silly traditional 'Moulin Rouge' is hysterical. There is drama and tension in his beatnick funky howler 'Jungle Fire'. The way he sings about an island where his love could live and "life dreams from deep inside" and takes that note wipes the floor with it. The indescribable title track may be the strangest song you've ever heard. The simple grace and elegance of 'Song to the Siren' is his finest moment.



"Did I dream you dreamed about me?"

"Little girl
Smile so brightly"

"She breathes the eternal and we share the tranquil time"

"You were an island behind the sun
Yes an island
Where my love could live and life breathes
From deep inside"

"Oblivion carries me on his shoulder"

"I was born to know your way

"Complete for an instant the dance figure pure constellation"

full album:

All lyrics by Larry Beckett and all music by Tim Buckley, except where noted.

Side One
"Come Here Woman" (Buckley) – 4:09
"I Woke Up" – 4:02
"Monterey" – 4:30
"Moulin Rouge" – 1:57
"Song to the Siren" (Buckley) – 3:20
Side Two
"Jungle Fire" (Buckley) – 4:42
"Starsailor" (John Balkin, Beckett, Buckley) – 4:36
"The Healing Festival" (Buckley) – 3:16

"Down by the Borderline" (Buckley) – 5:22

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