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un peu de l'âme des bandits

Aksak Maboul took on a little bandit soul with the challenging cinematic chamber rock of this avant-prog tango.   The duo of Marc Hollander and Vincent Kenis formed in Belgium in 1977 and recorded their debut album Onze Danses Pour Combattre la Migraine  later that year with  Marc Moulin, Chris Joris, and several other guests.  By the time they toured with Henry Cow and other likeminded groups in the Rock In Opposition (RIO) movement, the group was augmented by Michel Berckmans from another Beligian group Univers Zero.  When Henry Cow disbanded after 'Western Culture' , Fred Frith and Chris Cutler were invited to join in the sessions for the next Aksak Maboul project.  

'Un Peu de l'Âme des Bandits' was recorded at Sunrise Studio in Kirchberg, Switzerland with Marc Hollander on organ, piano, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, drum machine, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, dumbeg, samples, xylophone, and percussion;    Frank Wuyts on drums, pinball machine flipper, recorder, piano, synthesizer, percussion, and choir;    Michel Berckmans on bassoon, oboe, and  choir;    Denis van Hecke on acoustic cello, electric cello, voice, and rhythm guitar;    Catherine Jauniaux on voice and pinball machine flipper;    Fred Frith on guitar, violin, viola, bass guitar, and  prepared guitar;   and    Chris Cutler on drums, percussion, and radio.   The album is characterized by a myriad of styles ranging from psychedelia to classical to electronic to jazz to ethnic to experimental to punk.  On the original album, the group changed the spelling of their name to Aqsak Maboul; but on later releases it reverted back to Aksak Maboul.

"A Modern Lesson [Bo Diddley]"

"I Viaggi Formano la Gioventú [Truc Turc]" 

'Un Peu de l'Âme des Bandits'
full album:

The original LP release had different titles on the album sleeve [and label].

Side A
"A Modern Lesson [Bo Diddley]" (Hollander, arr. Frith, Hollander, Jauniaux) – 4:58
"Palmiers en Pots"
"[Trio (from Nuits D'Argentine)]" (Verchuren) – 1:25
"[Tango]" (Wuyts, Hollander) – 1:59
"Geistige Nacht [Rondo]" (Frith, arr. Frith) – 5:18
"I Viaggi Formano la Gioventú [Truc Turc]" (trad. Turkish folk song arr. Kenis, Aksak Maboul) – 5:09
"Inoculating Rabies [Pogo]" (van Hecke, Wuyts) – 1:47
Side B
"Cinema [Knokke]"
"Ce Qu'On Peut Voir Avec Un Bon Microscope" (Hollander, Wuyts, Aksak Maboul) – 7:25
"Alluvions" (Hollander, Wuyts, arr. Kenis, Aksak Maboul) – 5:27
"Azinou Crapules" (Hollander, Wuyts) – 7:05
"Age Route Brra! (Radio Sofia)" (Aksak Maboul) – 2:48

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