Friday, January 30, 2015

there is love in you

Four Tet found a subtle unfolding bliss in the angel echoes and layered loops of this folktronic love cry.  London born Kieran Hebden formed Fridge with classmates at the Elliott School in Putney and signed a deal with the Output Recordings label at the age of fifteen.   Within a year he was releasing material with Steve Reid as Four Tet.  Over four albums ( Dialogue , Pause Rounds , and Everything Ecstatic )  they developed a sound that was completely unique. 

Hebden says  'There Is Love In You' was influenced by two years of playing the London club circuit:   “This album’s more about bliss!  It’s about being completely lost in music in some ways. To me, music’s like this sacred thing; it’s like my escape, the thing that helps me through life. When I started making this album, I wanted to make music that touched on those moments that make me feel on fire inside, make me feel sublime. I think that ties in the DJing a lot...When I started DJing at The End it was like being thrown in the deep end. I was scared again. It was new to me. And also around that time dance music was so uncool, this was in 2007: Justice or whatever was around but in general it was like the Kings Of Leon or something; rock bands were getting all the press. It felt like there was no one there because they’d read about it in ID Magazine.” 

 'There Is Love In You' reached one hundred and eighty nine in France, one hundred and fifty seven in the US, ninety-four in Belgium, and thirty-five in the UK.

full album:!/album/There+Is+Love+In+You/3929173

All tracks composed and arranged by Kieran Hebden.

1. "Angel Echoes"   4:00
2. "Love Cry"   9:13
3. "Circling"   5:18
4. "Pablo's Heart"   0:12
5. "Sing"   6:49
6. "This Unfolds"   7:55
7. "Reversing"   2:40
8. "Plastic People"   6:34
9. "She Just Likes to Fight"   4:34
Total length:          47:15
There Is Love In You: Four Tet [Part 1 of 3] from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.
There Is Love In You: Four Tet [Part 2 of 3] from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.
There Is Love In You: Four Tet [Part 3 of 3] from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

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