Thursday, January 15, 2015


 Matt Sweeney and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy lifted up above the lie with the blood embrace of these haunting harmonies of muscle, tone, and tears.    The two had initially collaborated on the soundtrack for 'Quelque Chose d'Organique'.  Will Oldham had created the alter ego of  Bonnie 'Prince' Billy for the full length album 'I See A Darkness'  and he brought Sweeney into the studio for the follow up 'Ease Down The Road'.  

Sweeney had been in Skunk, Chavez, and Zwan before coming together with Oldham for the full fledged partnership that would yield the album 'Superwolf'.  

Oldham remembers:   "It started with three songs. I was going to play this show in London, and I thought, 'Let's try to write three songs together so there will be a reason for this show.'... and later we worked on the rest of the songs in New Orleans."

The sessions were engineered and produced by Paul Oldham and feature Will Oldham on bass, percussion, synthesizer, and vocals;   and Matt Sweeney on bass, synthesizer, and vocals;  with Peter Townsend on drums;  and Sue Schofield on guest vocals.

"I Gave You"

"Bed Is for Sleeping"

full album:

Words by Will Oldham, music by Matt Sweeney.

"My Home Is the Sea" - 5:49
"Beast for Thee" - 3:41
"What Are You?" - 2:38
"Goat and Ram" - 5:15
"Lift Us Up" - 2:56
"Rudy Foolish" - 4:12
"Bed Is for Sleeping" - 2:56
"Only Someone Running" - 3:13
"Death in the Sea" - 2:38
"Blood Embrace" - 7:57
"I Gave You" - 2:38


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