Tuesday, January 13, 2015

i am shelby lynne

Shelby Lynne reemerged as a new artist with the subtle soulful smolder of this dreamsome crossover confessional.   Her early releases on Epic Records (SunriseTough All Over, and Soft Talk) had earned her a Top New Female Vocalist Award in 1990 from the Academy of Country Music; but she was dissatisfied with her image and left Epic for the small Morgan Creek label.  After one album Temptation, the label collapsed and she moved to Magnatone Records for Restless.  

It was a prophetic title, as she decided to get out of the Nashville scene:   “When I was growing up, we always had quality music in the house. It was the Mills Brothers, the Everly Brothers, Elvis, the Beatles, Waylon and Willie. We never listened to crap. And then I got to Nashville and was told what to record, what to wear. I thought: You’re gonna tell me what to sing? What to wear?...I don’t like modern country music.  It’s not what I’m into, is all. I’m old-school. I tend to like Tammy Wynette, Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers. . . . The new stuff all sounds the same. I’m not ragging on anybody, but it doesn’t require emotional involvement. What Carrie Underwood is singing about has already been heard. It’s in a beautiful package. But my duty is to take the hard route.”

Lynne relocated to Palm Springs, California and sought out producer and songwriter Bill Bottrell, who had been instrumental to the massive success of Sheryl Crow's 'Tuesday Night Music Club'.  Bottrell was impressed with Lynne's demos and agreed to work with her on her new album for Island Records.  

'I Am Shelby Lynne' features Bottrell on organ, bass, guitar, harmonica, percussion, pedal steel, drums, keyboards, vocals, background vocals, 12 string guitar, snare drums, clapping, and stomping;   Jameson Brandt as string contractor;   Greg d'Augenlli on flute, horn, keyboards, and string bass;  George Del Barrio as arranger, conductor, and string arrangements;  Roger Fritz on dobro, guitar, slide guitar, and slide mandolin;   Jay Joyce on organ, bass, guitar, and keyboards;   Shelby Lynne on acoustic guitar, guitar, electric guitar, vocals, background vocals, clapping, and stomping;   and Dorothy Overstreet on drums and snare drums.  The album was mixed by Bottrell with engineer Mark Cross.  

'I Am Shelby Lynne' went to number one hundred and sixty five on the US Billboard 200, ninety-four in the UK, and eighteen on the US heatseekers album chart.  The album was enough of a success to earn Lynne her first Grammy Award for Best New Artist more than a decade after her debut album.  Lynne looks back:   “That album came from the most vulnerable, desperate place.  I think about it every day.”


"Gotta Get Back"

"Where I'm From"

"I'm Leavin'"

I Am Shelby Lynne
full album:

"Your Lies" (Bill Bottrell, Shelby Lynne) — 2:54
"Leavin'" (Lynne) — 3:11
"Life Is Bad" (Bottrell, Roger Fritz, Lynne) — 3:18
"Thought It Would Be Easier" (Bottrell, Lynne) — 3:55
"Gotta Get Back" (Bottrell, Lynne, Dorothy Overstreet) — 3:37
"Why Can't You Be?" (Bottrell, Lynne) — 4:19
"Lookin' Up" (Bottrell, Lynne) — 3:28
"Dream Some" (Jay Joyce, Lynne, Overstreet) — 4:12
"Where I'm From" (Bottrell, Lynne) — 3:49
"Black Light Blue" (Bottrell, Lynne) — 3:23

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