Monday, September 12, 2011

sons and fascination / sister feelings call

Simple Minds found their funky post punk groove with this sprawling art rock double album. After leaving Arista Records, they went in the studio with Steve Hillage, who shared the band's passion for krautrock. The sessions were so productive that the band wanted to release a double-album; but received resistance from their new label Virgin Records. They were pressured to dilute the tracks down to a single album, which became 'Sons and Fascination'. The remaining tracks were compiled as 'Sister Feelings Call' and released as a bonus disk. The two albums were then released seperately and later recombined on a CD release. This was their last recording with original drummer Brian McGee, and his powerful industrial rhythms compliment Derek Forbes' percussive bass lines to produce an a mechanistic foundation to the band's ambitious new sound. The interplay between Charlie Burchill's guitars and Mick MacNeil's keyboards creates a majestic emotional sweep that Jim Kerr narrates with an a solumn transcendence. 'Sons and Fascination / Sister Feelings Call' hit number eleven in the UK, number seven in New Zealand, and number four in Sweden.

The throbbing swoon of 'Love Song' became an international hit, making it to forty seven in the UK, thirty eight in Canada, seventeen in Australia, and sixteen in Sweden.

"Stay below it
Stay below
In glory days that come and go
Some promised land"

The triumphant instrumental 'Theme For Great Cities' starts out 'Sister Feelings Call'.

'Sweat In Bullet' hit fifty two in Canada, forty seven in New Zealand, seventeen in Sweden.

"Rolling and tumbling
Ambition in motion
Rolling and tumbling
She's sweating bullets"

'Seeing Out the Angel'

"In voice leading to voices.
Last song that the lamb sings.
In colorful, breathless emotional scenes,
Bleeding hearts are this way."

The funky thump of 'The American' reached number fifty nine in the UK.

"Every time you touch this place
It feels like sin
Every time the handshake starts
The face draws thin
What do you know about this world anyway?"

'20th Century Promised Land'

"Promised land
Great times in commotion
Here comes every day
It only lasts an hour
Unhappy the land that has no heroes
No, unhappy the land that needs heroes"

'Wonderful In Young Life'

"Dream dream dream
It's the eighties youthful theme
Loving the city
A theme for great cities
And loved ones
And love"

 'Sons and Fascination / Sister Feelings Call' 
full album:

All lyrics written by J. Kerr; all music composed by Simple Minds.

1. "In Trance as Mission"   6:50
2. "Sweat in Bullet"   4:30
3. "70 Cities as Love Brings the Fall"   4:48
4. "Boys From Brazil"   5:30
5. "Love Song"   5:03
6. "This Earth That You Walk Upon"   5:26
7. "Sons and Fascination"   5:23
8. "Seeing out the Angel"   6:11
9. "Theme for Great Cities"   5:50
10. "The American"   3:49
11. "20th Century Promised Land"   4:53
12. "Wonderful in Young Life"   5:20
13. "Careful in Career"   5:08

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