Sunday, December 19, 2010

soul rebels

The Wailers found their voice, their name, and a sound that was one of the earliest examples of the slow spiritual groove that became reggae music. Their debut album 'The Wailing Wailers' was actually a compilation of early recordings. By the time sessions began for their next release, the original lineup of Junior Braithwaite on vocals, Bob Marley on guitar, Peter Tosh on keyboard, Neville Livingston (Bunny Wailer) on drums, and Cherry Smith and Beverley Kelso on backing vocals has dwindled to the trio of Bob, Bunny, and Peter.

'Soul Rebels' was the first and only full album produced with Lee "Scratch" Perry whose studio house band the Upsetters collaborated with (and the rhythm section of the Barrett brothers ended up joining) the Wailers to create some of the purist reggae ever recorded.

'Soul Rebel'
"Said I'm a living man, and I've got work to do.
If you're not happy, children, then you must be blue."

The original version of 'Night Shift' still has the rocksteady ska sound of their earlier work.
"If it's all night, it's got to be alright."

'Corner Stone' 
"The stone that the builder refused will already be the head corner stone"

'400 Years' features lead vocal by Peter Tosh.
"Look, how long and the people they still can't see."

'Soul Rebels' 
full album:

Original album 
Side one
1. "Soul Rebel"   Bob Marley 3:19
2. "Try Me"   Marley 2:45
3. "It's Alright"   Marley 2:34
4. "No Sympathy"   Peter Tosh 2:13
5. "My Cup"   James Brown 3:34
6. "Soul Almighty"   Bob Marley 2:42
Side two
7. "Rebel's Hop"   Curtis Mayfield, Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong, Marley 2:38
8. "Corner Stone"   Marley 2:28
9. "400 Years"   Tosh 2:33
10. "No Water"   Marley 2:08
11. "Reaction"   Marley 2:41
12. "My Sympathy"   Marley 2:41

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