Friday, December 10, 2010

fine young cannibals

Today's super groovy delicious bite may just eat its way into your heart.

When the Beat disbanded, guitarist Andy Cox and bassist David Steele spent months auditioning hundreds of singers in Birmingham until they settled on the distinctive voice of Roland Gift. The soulful jazz pop of their eponymous debut was released twenty five years ago. They channel some scorching Motown vibes on the slowburning tunes; but it was the upbeat ska-inspired singles that made it a hit. 'Fine Young Cannibals' went to number forty-nine in the US, twenty-one in Canada, seventeen in Switzerland, eleven in New Zealand and the UK, and number two in Australia.

Their audaciously awesome cover of 'Suspicious Minds' features Jimmy Somerville on backing vocals and was another hit for them in the British charts.

Their first single 'Johnny Come Home' tells the story of a runaway and was a top ten hit in the UK. They had trouble getting a record deal until this video was played on British television.

'Fine Young Cannibals'

full album:

Songs composed by Fine Young Cannibals except noted

"Johnny Come Home" - 3:35
"Couldn't Care More" - 3:30
"Don't Ask Me to Choose" - 3:05
"Funny How Love Is" - 3:28
"Suspicious Minds" (Mark James) - 3:56
"Blue" - 3:31
"Move to Work" - 3:26
"On a Promise" - 3:06
"Time Isn't Kind" - 3:12
"Like a Stranger" - 3:28

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