Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ogum xangô

Jorge Ben and Gilberto Gil played with order and disorder in the extended improvisations and subtle hypnotic grooves of this fluid acoustic jam session.   Jorge Ben had established himself over a decade with seven albums (Samba Esquema Novo in 1963,  Sacundin Ben Samba and  Ben É Samba Bom  in 1964,   O Bidú  in 1967,   Jorge Ben   in 1969,   Força Bruta  in 1970,   and   A Tábua de Esmeralda  in 1974)  that bridged bossa nova, samba, funk, and rock;   while Gilberto Gil expressed a more political perspective (with  Louvação in 1967,   Gilberto Gil [Frevo Rasgado] [with Os Mutantes]  and the Tropicália: ou Panis et Circencis  compilation [alongside Caetano Veloso, Os Mutantes, Gal Costa, Nara Leão, and Tom Zé] in 1968,   Gilberto Gil (Cérebro Eletrônico) in 1969,   Copacabana Mon Amour  in 1970,   Gilberto Gil (Nêga)  in 1971,   Expresso 2222  and   Barra 69: Caetano e Gil Ao Vivo Na Bahia in 1972,   Gilberto Gil Ao Vivo  in 1974,   and  Refazenda in 1975), such that he was considered a threat by the Brazilian military regime and imprisoned for several months in 1969 before being exiled for several years.   

Gil e Jorge aka Ogum Xangô  was recorded at CIA Brasiliera De Discos Phonogram in Rio De Janeiro.  The twelve hour marathon session was produced by Paulinho Tapajós and Perinho Albuquerque with technicians  Ary, João Moreira, Luigi, and Luis Claudio.   The album features  Jorge Ben and Gilberto Gil on vocals and violão (acoustic guitar),  with  Djalma Corrêa adding percussion and Wagner Dias providing bass.    

According to Afro Brazilian mythology, Ogum is the Yoruba deity or orixá of iron and war and the patron deity for warriors; while Xangô  is the Yoruba orixá or deity of thunder, lightening, and fire.

"Taj Mahal" inspired Rod Stewart's number one smash hit "Da Ya Thing I'm Sexy?".  A court agreed and awarded damages to Jorge Ben.

Gil e Jorge aka Ogum Xangô 
full album:

side one
1-Meu Glorioso São Cristóvão (Jorge Ben)-00:00 
2-Nêga (Gilberto Gil)-08:12
side two
3-Jurubeba (Gilberto Gil)-18:42 
4-Quem Mandou (Pé na Estrada) (Jorge Ben)-30:22 
side three
5-Taj Mahal (Jorge Ben)-37:13 
6-Morre O Burro Fica O Homem (Jorge Ben)-49:19 
side four
7-Essa É Pra Tocar No Rádio (Gilberto Gil)-55:21 
8-Filhos De Gandhi (Gilberto Gil)-1:01:26
9-Sarro (Jorge Ben/Gilberto Gil)-1:13:29

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