Tuesday, July 16, 2013

samba esquema novo

Jorge Ben made his free spirited debut with the new style swing of this seductive samba.  He was born Jorge Duilio Lima Menezes in Rio de Janeiro and began playing guitar to emulate the bossa nova style of João Gilberto.   He took the stage name Ben from his mother's maiden name.  He sang in a church choir and played parties and nightclubs, where he was discovered at the age of twenty-three and signed to the Phillips label.  A week later, his first single 'Mas Que Nada' was released and became such a huge sensation that other artists were tripping over each other to cover the song.  

'Samba Esquema Novo' ("New Style Samba") was recorded with producer Armando Pittigliani and features Jorge Ben on vocals and violão; Manuel Gusmão on bass; Luís Carlos Vinhas on piano; J.T. Meirelles on flute and saxophone; Pedro Paulo on trumpet; and Dom Um Romão on drums.  


'Mas Que Nada'

Mas que nada
Don't mind that

Sai da minha frente
Get out of my way

Eu quero passar
I want to come through

Pois o samba está animado
Because the samba is cheerful 

O que eu quero é sambar
And what I want is to samba

Este samba
This samba

Que é misto de maracatu
is a mixture of Maracatu

É samba de preto velho
It is the old black man's samba

Samba de preto tu
Black man's samba

Mas que nada
Don't mind that

Um samba como esse tão legal
A samba like this is so cool

Você não vai querer
You won't want it 

Que eu chegue no final

to come to an end.

In 1966, Sergio Mendez and Brasil 66 took the song to number forty-seven on the US pop chart and number four on the US easy listening chart.

'Samba Esquema Novo'
full album:

1 Mas, Que Nada 0:00
2 Tim, Dom, Dom 3:02
3 Balança Pema 05:23
4 Vem, Morena, Vem 6:53
5 Chove, Chuva 8:52
6 É Só Sambar 11:59
7 Rosa, Menina Rosa 14:05
8 Quero Esquecer Você 16:21
9 Uala, Ualala 18:43
10 A Tamba 20:52
11 Menina Bonita Não Chora 23:57
12 Por Causa de Você, Menina 26:05

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