Tuesday, June 4, 2013

os mutantes

Os Mutantes turned Brazilian music inside out with the mutated mambo,  experimental orchestration, and psychedelic rock hybridisations of their delightfully demented debut.  The group was formed by brothers Arnaldo Baptista and Sérgio Dias Baptista who played together as the Wooden Faces.  They met singer Rita Lee and played with her in a high school group the Six Sided Rockers. When that group broke up the trio continued as O Conjunto before changing their name to Os Mutantes.  By that point, a third Baptista brother Cláudio joined the group.   They played weekly on the Brazilian TV show O Pequeno Mundo de Ronnie Von and became involved with the tropicalia movement, appearing on the compilation 'Tropicalia: Ou Panis et Circenses'.

Their eponymous debut was produced by Manoel Barenbein with arrangements by Rogério Duprat.  The sessions included Arnaldo Baptista on vocals, keyboards, and bass; Rita Lee on vocals, recorder, autoharp, and percussion; Sérgio Dias on vocals and guitars; with Dirceu on drums; Jorge Ben on vocals and acoustic guitar; Dr. César Baptista on vocals; Clarisse Leite on piano; Cláudio Baptista on electronics; and Gilberto Gil on percussion.



'Os Mutantes'
full album:

1.Panis Et Circensis 00:00
2.A Minha Menina  03:38
3.O Relógio 08:20 
4.Adeus Maria Fulô 11:52
5.Baby  14:52
6.Senhor F  17:55
7.Bat Macumba 20:28
8.Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour  23:37
9.Trem Fantasma 27:10
10.Tempo No Tempo 30:30
11.Ave Gengis Khan 32:17

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