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twin peaks

Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch collaborated to create the lush soundscapes of this tragically beautiful television soundtrack.  Badalamenti was born in Brooklyn who learned piano at an early age and worked playing for singers in the Catskills during the summers when he was a teenager.  He got his Bachelor of Arts from the Eastman School of Music and his Master of Arts from the Manhattan School of Music.   

Lynch had moved all over the country as a child.  He started out studying painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; but made the transition to film when he wanted to make his paintings move.  He moved to Los Angeles to study at the American Film Institute Conservatory.  His first film Eraserhead  earned him underground success while  The Elephant Man garnished eight Academy Award nominations.  His next project was the big budget  Dino de Laurentiis adaptation of Frank Herbert's science fiction novel 'Dune'.  He was obligated to produce another film for De Laurentiis, and 'Blue Velvet' would earn him his second Academy Award nomination for Best Director.  

It was for 'Blue Velvet' that first worded with Badalamenti who was the vocal coach for Isabella Rossellini.  When the idea of using the This Mortal Coil cover of the Tim Buckley song Song to the Siren became cost prohibitive, Lynch collaborated with Badalamenti to create the song  "Mysteries of Love" featuring singer Julee Cruise.  The pair also produced Cruise's album 'Floating Into the Night'
in 1989.   

When Lynch became involved with 'Hill Street Blues' writer Mark Frost on a new television drama 'Twin Peaks', he brought Badalamenti in to compose the music:     "After Blue Velvet, we had such a beautiful relationship, and every other film we did together, David would sit next to me at a keyboard and, speaking very softly, painting a verbal picture, while setting a mood.  Most of my other film projects have been more traditional. I grew up in the early days of improvising, so I could just sit at a keyboard and you could just talk to me or I could just take a look at a screen and put my fingers on the keyboard and a lot of the times they seemed to fall in the right places...David said, 'Start it off foreboding, like you're in a dark wood, and then segue into something beautiful to reflect the trouble of a beautiful teenage girl. Then, once you've got that, go back and do something that's sad and go back into that sad, foreboding darkness.  Maybe it was luck, but literally, in one take, I translated those words into music...The thing about Twin Peaks music is it runs the gamut of styles.  It also incorporates pop, blues, some country, soft rock, film noir – no question about that – nightmarish stuff...['Twin Peaks'] was really off the wall. I thought it was either going to sink violently down the drain or, hopefully, capture the intrigue of enthusiastic people conversing by the office water cooler on a Monday morning."

The show became an instant hit with critics and viewers; but declining ratings during the second season led to the show being cancelled, when the writers refused to reveal the identity of Laura Palmer's killer.  They took the story to the big screen with the prequel/sequel 'Twin Peaks:  Fire Walk With Me'.

The main theme song won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance at the 1991 Grammy Awards.


'Twin Peaks'
full soundtrack:

00:00 - "Twin Peaks Theme"
05:03 - "Laura Palmer's Theme"
09:05 - "Audrey's Dance"
14:38 - "The Nightingale" (vocal by Julee Cruise)
19:48 - "Freshly Squeezed"
23:36 - "The Bookhouse Boys"
27:03 - "Into the Night" (vocal by Julee Cruise)
31:40 - "Night Life in Twin Peaks"
34:49 - "Dance of the Dream Man"
38:42 - "Love Theme from Twin Peaks"
43:00 - "Falling" (vocal by Julee Cruise)

soundtrack playlist

'Twin Peaks'
pilot episode

'Fire Walk With Me' soundtrack

1. Theme from Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me Angelo Badalamenti (0:00- )
2. The Pine Float Angelo Badalamenti (6:47- )
3. Sycamore Trees Angelo Badalamenti (10:51- )
4. Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do) Angelo Badalamenti ( 14.50- )
5. A Real Indication Thought Gang (22:09- )
6. Questions In a World of Blue Angelo Badalamenti (27:47- )
7. The Pink Room David Lynch ( 32:41- )
8. The Black Dog Runs At NightThought Gang (36:47- )
9. Best Friends David Lynch (38:35- )
10. Moving Through Time Angelo Badalamenti (40:52- )
11. Montage from Twin Peaks: Girl Talk / Birds In Hell / Laura Palmer's Theme / Falling
Angelo Badalamenti (47:36- )
12. The Voice of Love Angelo Badalamenti (53:06- )

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