Wednesday, May 20, 2015

this is happening

LCD Soundsystem shut the door on terrible times to dance themselves clean with this boringly wild electropop nostalgia. Following up the game changing recycling of their self-titled debut and 'Sound of Silver', 'This Is Happening' shows bandleader James Murphy once again paying homage to his musical heroes to complete a fantastic trilogy of danceable delights: "I'm not afraid to show my hand. I'm old. I'm not going to pretend that rock was invented by me or us. I think if you're working with a persona-type rock vibe where you're like, "I'm feeling it! This is who I am! We share feelings together!" then it has to have all this realness to it. And so what you can't show is that you might have actually ripped that bassline from a Joy Division song, because then what are you real about? You know, what's going on here? You're not supposed to be self-conscious. You're supposed to be lost in the rock zeitgest. But if that's not what you're interested in, then it's kind of liberating. You don't really have to worry about it. It's not that we're consciously trying to strike a balance, it's just that we're not worried about the other stuff, so you just get to make what you like. There's all this anxiety that people are going to "catch" you. No one wants to get called out for being derivative or something. It's like, we're all making rock. No one's reinventing the wheel over here. If anything, the balance is struck by not worrying too much about it. So I'm spending my energy trying to make a good song rather than spending my energy trying to cover my tracks ... It's become my whole life, which I've become very happy about. It's a wonderful life. I love being in this band. But to do a band properly does kind of mean you don't really get to do anything else. Now I also have a record label (DFA) and I'm a producer, I design equipment, I like to write — there are a lot of things I'd like to do that I can't really do because I have this job. So I thought like three albums — a nice trilogy over a decade — it feels like a good time to stop being a professional band. That doesn't mean LCD will stop. It just means I'll go back to the beginning: releasing a track here and there or being more fluid about my decision-making rather than albums, videos, singles, tour. Rather than this professional arch of being in a band, I'd like to go back to being a person who decides what he likes to do and pursues something new once in a while."

Produced by The DFA at The Mansion in Los Angeles, California and DFA Studios in New York City, 'This Is Happening' features    James Murphy on vocals, synthesizers, drum machine, guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion, claps, snaps, piano, Wurlitzer piano, omnichord, and glockenspiel; with  Gavin Russom on synthesizers and vocals;   Pat Mahoney on drums and vocals;  Nancy Whang on vocals;  Morgan Wiley on piano;  Al Doyle on guitar and synthesizer;  Tyler Pope on bass guitar;  Jayson Green on vocals;  Matt Thornley on snaps;  Jason Disu on trombone;  and  Matthew Cash on synthesizer.    'This Is Happening' made its way to number forty-seven in the Netherlands, forty-one in Finland, thirty-seven in Belgium and France, thirty-two in Sweden, fourteen in New Zealand, eleven in Australia, ten on the US pop album chart, seven in the UK, and number one on the US electronic/dance album chart.

The White Light/White Heat of the "Drunk Girls" video was co-directed by Spike Jonze and James Murphy.  

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls from DFA Records on Vimeo.


"You Wanted a Hit"

"Dance Yrself Clean"

'This Is Happening'
full album:

1. "Dance Yrself Clean" 0:00
2. "Drunk Girls" 8:57
3. "One Touch" 12:40
4. "All I Want" 20:29
5. "I Can Change" 27:12
6. "You Wanted a Hit" 33:11
7. "Pow Pow" 42:18
8. "Somebody's Calling Me" 50:44
9. "Home" 57:39

final show

Dance Yrself Clean,Drunk Girls,I Can Change,Time To Get Away,Get Innocuous,Daft Punk Is Playing At My House,Too Much Love,All My Friends,Tired,45:33 Part One,45:33 Part Two,Sound Of Silver,45:33 Part Four,45:33 Part Five,45:33 Part Six,Freak Out/Starry Eyes,Us v Them,North American Scum,Bye Bye Bayou,You Wanted A Hit,Tribulations,Movement,Yeah,Someone Great,Losing My Edge,Home,All I Want,Jump Into The Fire, New York I Love You But Your'e Bringing Me Down

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