Saturday, May 9, 2015

cold roses

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals found an easy plateau with the sweet illusions of this beautifully buoyant bucolic boredom of this bounteous beholden blossom.   After the release of 'Love Is Hell', Adams formed a new band and began touring to support the album.  It was this lineup that went into Loho Studios in New York City to record 'Cold Roses' with producer Tom Schick.  The sessions for the double album featured  Ryan Adams on vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, piano, bass guitar on "Blossom", all instruments on "Life Is Beautiful";   J.P. Bowersock on electric guitar;   Cindy Cashdollar on steel guitar, lap steel, resonator guitar, and vocals;   Brad Pemberton on drums and vocals;   Catherine Popper on bass guitar, vocals, and piano;   and Rachael Yamagata on vocals and piano on "Let It Ride", "Cold Roses" and "Friends".  

Adams looks back: "I’ve made records like Cold Roses and Love Is Hell, that really were my sound. Those records really are me. That’s who I am. The diversion is fun sometimes. It’s fun to dress up and go to a costume party on Halloween, isn’t it? A lot of musicians, I think, feel like they’re taking a song to a costume party with certain producers. It’s a way to get out of your element and try on a new face. I’ve done that a few times in my career with, weirdly, Heartbreaker being the most like that because it really was a folky, Dylan-y style. That’s not me. I am those songs and that’s me, but they’re dressed up in a certain way. Records like Cold Roses, people call it jammy like the Dead. No, it’s not. Go listen to that record. It’s totally analog, and it’s never jazz jamming. Listen to Grateful Dead records. They’re sonically in another dimension of musicality. Cold Roses is like a punk record. It’s a punk record that’s dabbling in certain colors...I’m just saying, there’s a way that those songs can come across, by the way the studio is prepared, the musicians who are chosen, the leader of the session. The producer sets the stage for everything that’s going to happen. Records like Cold Roses were made in the middle of the night, sometimes for several nights in a row, in a duration of wildness and no-holds-barred."

'Cold Roses' reached number forty-eight in the Netherlands, thirty-nine in Germany, thirty-one in Australia and Denmark, thirty in New Zealand, twenty-seven in Belgium, twenty-six in the US, twenty in the UK, sixteen in Ireland, nine in Norway, and number eight in Sweden.

"Let It Ride"

"Sweet Illusions"

 "When Will You Come Back Home"

"Easy Plateau"


"Cold Roses"

"If I Am a Stranger"

'Cold Roses' 
full album:

Cold Roses from Ryan Adams & The Cardinals on Myspace.

All songs written and composed by Adams, Bowersock, Cashdollar, Pemberton and Popper.

disc one
1. "Magnolia Mountain"   5:53
2. "Sweet Illusions"   5:02
3. "Meadowlake Street"   4:29
4. "When Will You Come Back Home"   4:52
5. "Beautiful Sorta"   3:01
6. "Now That You're Gone"   3:52
7. "Cherry Lane"   4:32
8. "Mockingbird"   4:47
9. "How Do You Keep Love Alive"   3:12

disc two
1. "Easy Plateau"   5:12
2. "Let It Ride"   3:24
3. "Rosebud"   2:56
4. "Cold Roses"   4:36
5. "If I Am a Stranger"   4:39
6. "Dance All Night"   3:15
7. "Blossom"   3:15
8. "Life Is Beautiful"   4:29
9. "Friends"   4:45

bonus tracks
1. "Tonight" (Vinyl and UK release only, also released as an iTunes exclusive album-only track) 3:29
2. "So Hot, So Cold" (Japan and UK Bonus Track) 3:20
3. "Operator, Operator" (Japan Bonus Track) 1:46

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