Saturday, May 23, 2015

the woods

Sleater-Kinney came through the emotional wilderness pitting truth against truth with timing and tiger strength on this ferocious tilt-a-whirl.    After two albums on Chainsaw Records (Sleater-Kinney in 1995 and Call the Doctor in 1996) and four on Kill Rock Stars (Dig Me Out in 1997, The Hot Rock in 1999, All Hands on the Bad One in 2000, and One Beat in 2002),  the trio signed with another independent label Sub Pop for 'The Woods'.  The album was produced by Dave Fridmann and recorded at Tarbox Road Studios in Cassadaga, New York with Carrie Brownstein on guitar and vocals;   Corin Tucker on vocals and guitar;   and Janet Weiss on drums and backing vocals.  

'The Woods' went to number eighty on the US pop album chart and number two on the US independent album chart.   Sleater-Kinney would go on an eight year hiatus the next year.



"Modern Girl"

"Let's Call It Love"  and "Night Light" was recorded in one take.

'The Woods'
full album:

1.The Fox - 0:00
2.Wilderness - 3:25
3.What's Mine Is Yours - 7:05
4.Jumpers - 12:03
5.Modern Girl - 16:29
6.Entertain - 19:42
7.Rollercoaster - 24:38
8.Steep Air - 29:30
9.Let's Call It Love - 33:35
10.Night Light - 44:37

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