Friday, May 15, 2015

i should coco

Supergrass ran green with the teenage Britpop buzz of this multifarious punk paroxysm. Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey started out in shoegaze outfit The Jennifers before forming Theodore Supergrass with Mick Quinn and Gaz's brother Rob in 1993. They played around Oxfordshire and were discovered by Sam Williams who produced their debut album 'I Should Coco' at Sawmills Studios in Cornwall with Gaz Coombes on vocals and guitar; Danny Goffey on drums and backing vocals; Mick Quinn on bass guitar and backing vocals; and Rob Coombes on keyboards.

Quinn quips "Back in the early days we’d just thrash it down as fast as we could. When we were working on I Should Coco we recorded it on two-inch tape on a 16-track recorder. You had to cram everything in. Everything was really meticulous; you had to be careful about everything you recorded. The joy of those limitations was that you’d have to live with mistakes and work with accidents, and sometimes that can work to your advantage."

'I Should Coco'
careened to number seventy-three in the Netherlands, fifty-seven in Australia, fifty-five in Japan, thirty-six in Sweden, thirty-two in Finland, twenty in New Zealand, and number one in the UK. It was nominated for the Mercury Prize for Best Album.

Gaz Coombes: "It’s a great record, and I’m really proud of it. Totally worth celebrating. ... In a weird way, when I look back at some of those early TV performances it’s sort of what made it. There’s a real nervous edge of, 'Fuck, I’m shitting my pants right now but this is really exciting.' I think it’s a great place to be: slightly freaking out but excited, rather than complacently arrogant....I don’t look back at it. Maybe when I’ve hung up my sideburns then I can wallow in the past glories or something. There were lots of bands around back then, and some of them haven’t dated very well. I think Britpop was a bit overblown; it was only a handful of really decent bands. I guess it also brought guitar music more to the fore ... One of the highlights of this album was recording 'Sofa (Of My Lethargy)'. ... I remember everybody got in the live room and had an instrument, including Sam [Williams] on bass, a friend of his on hammond organ and we played the rest, all live, one take ... We made I Should Coco so fast because we wanted to catch the energy and excitement of the songs on tape, and do it before the money ran out!"

"Alright" went to thirty in France, eight in Ireland, and number two in Norway and the UK.  It went on to win the Ivor Novello Award for Best Contemporary Song.  

"Caught by the Fuzz"  hit number forty-three in the UK.

"Mansize Rooster" made it to number twenty.  

"Lenny" was a UK top ten hit.

 'I Should Coco'
full album:

All songs written and composed by Supergrass. 

01 I'd Like to Know (00:00)
02 Caught by the Fuzz (04:03)
03 Mansize Rooster (06:19) 
04 Alright (08:54) 
05 Lose It (11:55) 
06 Lenny (14:33) 
07 Strange Ones (17:16) 
08 Sitting Up Straight (21:37) 
09 She's So Loose (23:56) 
10 We're Not Supposed To (26:56) 
11 Time (29:00)
12 Sofa (of My Lethargy) (32:10) 
13 Time to Go (38:29) 

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