Sunday, May 31, 2015

a river ain't too much to love

Smog came to face the truth by diving into the murk with the spellbinding spoken sharpness of this hacked away plateau.     Bill Callahan had experimented with lo-fi recording techniques and dissonance as well as more sophisticated instrumentation over more than a decade (Sewn to the Sky in 1990,  Forgotten Foundation in 1992, Julius Caesar in 1993,  Wild Love in 1995,  The Doctor Came at Dawn in 1996,  Red Apple Falls in 1997, Knock Knock in 1999,  Dongs of Sevotion in 2000,  Rain on Lens in 2001, Accumulation:None in 2002, and  Supper in 2003) before producing his final album under the name Smog:  'A River Ain't Too Much to Love' at Pedernales Studio in Spicewood, Texas in 2004.  The sessions featured  Bill Callahan on vocals, guitar, and various instruments;   Connie Lovatt on vocals and bass guitar;  Jim White on drums;  Thor Harris on hammer dulcimer, airdrums, and zills;  Travis Weller on fiddle;  and Joanna Newsom on piano.  

"Say Valley Maker"

 "Rock Bottom Riser"

"I Feel Like the Mother of the World" 

"In the Pines"

"Let Me See the Colts" 

 'A River Ain't Too Much to Love'
full album:

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