Thursday, January 6, 2011

welcome home

'Til Tuesday welcomed us into melancholy with their second album. It was a commercial disappointment; but a critical success that showed Aimee Mann's growth as a songwriter. They made a move from the sleek new wave sound of their debut 'Voices Carry' toward a more sophisticated and nuanced folk sound that makes the bittersweet reflections more intimate and intense. 'Welcome Home' was the last album to feature the original lineup, though it had already become apparent that Mann was the star of the show.

'What About Love' was the leadoff single. It made it to twenty six on the US pop chart and nine on the mainstream rock tracks chart.

"Put out all the fires and blow away the smoke
Unless you're getting tired of living on hope ."

Coming Up Close hit fifty-nine on the US pop chart and thirty-seven on the mainstream rock tracks chart.

"Coming up close
Everything sounds like
Welcome home; come home
And oh, by the way
Don't you know that I could make a dream that's barely half-awake come true
I wanted to say -
But anything I could have said I felt somehow that you already knew."

Welcome Home
full album:

All songs written by Aimee Mann except where noted.

"What About Love" – 3:56
"Coming up Close"– 4:40
"On Sunday" (Hausman, Holmes, Mann, Pesce) – 4:06
"Will She Just Fall Down" – 2:49
"David Denies" (Hausman, Holmes, Mann, Pesce) – 4:50
"Lovers' Day" (Mann, Pesce) – 4:19
"Have Mercy" – 4:55
"Sleeping and Waking" (Hausman, Holmes, Mann, Pesce) – 3:24
"Angels Never Call" – 3:40
"No One Is Watching You Now" – 3:52

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