Wednesday, July 30, 2014

in a silent way

Miles Davis made the leap to electronic instrumentation and created a whole new genre of music with this meditative melding of jazz and rock.  After dipping his toe into the fusion pool earlier that year with  'Filles de Kilimanjaro', Davis dove headfirst with the sessions for 'In a Silent Way'.    The sessions featured guitarist John McLaughlin, who had just recorded his debut album 'Extrapolation' a month before.  Drummer Tony Williams had invited McLaughlin to come from England to play with Tony Williams Lifetime and brought him to visit Davis at home the night before the sessions began.  Davis invited McLaughlin to the studio to take part in the proceedings.  

'In a Silent Way' was produced by Teo Macero at CBS 30th Street Studio B in New York City on one date in February of 1969 and includes Miles Davis on trumpet;  Wayne Shorter on soprano saxophone;  John McLaughlin on electric guitar;  Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock on electric piano;  Joe Zawinul on organ;  Dave Holland on double bass;  and Tony Williams on drums.    The music divided critics; but 'In a Silent Way'  became his biggest album in years, going to number one hundred and thirty four on the Billboard album chart.  

'In a Silent Way' 
full album:

Side one
"Shhh"/"Peaceful" (Miles Davis) – 18:16
"Shhh" – 6:14
"Peaceful" – 5:42
"Shhh" – 6:20
Side two
"In a Silent Way"/"It's About That Time" (Joe Zawinul, Miles Davis) – 19:52
"In a Silent Way" (Zawinul) – 4:11
"It's About That Time" (Davis and Zawinul) – 11:27
"In a Silent Way" (Zawinul) – 4:14

'The Complete In a Silent Way Sessions' is a three-disc box set featuring recordings from the sessions that would produce his 1969 album 'In a Silent Way'

Session One:
1. Mademoiselle Mabry (00:00)
2. Frelon Brun (16:28)
3. Two Faced (22:03)
4. Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams Process (39:58)
5. Splash: Interlude 1/Interlude 2/Interlude 3 (53:14)
6. Splashdown: Interlude 1/Interlude 2 (1:03:14)

Session Two:
1. Ascent (1:11:10)
2. Directions, I (1:26:00)
3. Directions, II (1:32:41)
4. Shhh/Peaceful (1:37:30)
5. In A Silent Way [Rehearsal] (1:56:35)
6. In A Silent Way (2:01:54)
7. It's About That Time (2:06:01)

Session Three:
1. The Ghetto Walk (2:17:23)
2. Early Minor (2:44:07)

Original 1969 LP Release:
A Side: Shhh/Peaceful/Shhh (2:51:04)
B Side In A Silent Way/It's About That Time/In A Silent Way (3:09:18)

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