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Phish spilled over into the improvisational foam with the epic eclecticism and joyous jazz of this progressive rock jamfest.   The band formed in 1983 at the University of Vermont when guitarist Trey Anastasio posted flyers around campus.  Guitarist Jeff Holdsworth, bassist Mike Gordon and drummer Jon Fishman answered and the group began performing as the Blackwood Convention, playing Grateful Dead covers at campus cafeterias and small clubs around Burlington.  Percussionist Marc Daubert joined the group for a year, after which Page McConnell started playing keyboards.  Holdsworth quit the band after graduation, solidifying the classic lineup of  Anastasio, Gordon, McConnell, and Fishman.  They began practicing in earnest, locking themselves away and jamming for hours in what they would call  "Oh Kee Pa Ceremonies."

They recorded many different tapes including 'The White Tape' and 'The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday' (a suite of songs based on Anastasio's senior thesis) before recording 'Junta'.  Their double album debut was produced by the band with engineer Gordon Hookailo at Euphoria Sound Studios in Revere, Massachusetts and featured Trey Anastasio on guitars and vocals;   Page McConnell on keyboards and vocals;   Mike Gordon on bass guitar and vocals;   and Jon Fishman on drums, vocals, and trombone.  The album was named for their manager  Ben "Junta" Hunter.  It was self released as a cassette that they sold at shows until it appeared in stores in May of 1989.  When the group signed to Elektra Records it was released on CD in October of 1992.  A deluxe vinyl edition came out in April of 2012.  'Junta' has been certified platinum in the US.


You Enjoy Myself
"washa uffize drive me to firenze"

Golgi Apparatus
"I saw you with a ticket stub in your hand"

Divided Sky
"the wind blows high"

David Bowie


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