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The Cure reached the pinnacle of their obsessive powers with the dark and dreamy textures of this expansive evocative entropy.  Uncomfortable with the breakthrough success of 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me', Robert Smith retreated to Maida Vale in Paddington, West London with his fiancée Mary Poole and began taking LSD to cope with his depression.  The songs he began writing were reminiscent of their earlier work on 'Faith' and 'Pornography'.   'Disintegration' was recorded at Hook End Manor Studios in Reading, Checkendon, Oxfordshire, with co-producer  and engineer David M. Allen.  During the sessions, founding member Lol Tolhurst was checked out, drinking heavily; and, as the rest of the band became more frustrated, he left the studio one morning after a drunken shouting match developed.  The album credits him as the basis for 'Homesick'; but not much else.  Robert Smith handled vocals, guitars, keyboards, 6-string bass, production, and engineering;  Simon Gallup played bass guitar and keyboards; with Porl Thompson on guitars;  Boris Williams on drums;  and Roger O'Donnell on keyboards.  

Smith would reveal at the time:   "I do have, um, this very strange split personality. I can reach a point where I am fanatically ordered. And at the other extreme I let everything go to pieces. Put myself at physical risk. Like when we were in Paris I climbed round the outside of the hotel we were in to get into one of the other rooms. On the second floor. And being in America changes my personality completely. It makes me monstrous. As loud and obnoxious as a lot of the people you meet over there are...Not wanting to sound big-headed or anything, I've been in at least five different groups since I've been in The Cure, I've been everything — punk, goth, psychedelic, pop. It was really great showing that The Cure could make pop singles. Now we've drifted back to that sort of atmospheric music we did on 'Faith'. But the thing about The Cure is we exist in isolation. We're not in competition with anyone. One day I suppose we'll stop. But we'll never be replaced...I still feel the same as when we started during the punk thing.  What we do is an alternative — not to Bros but to Elton John and Chris Rea and all those fucking old bastards who were there then and still are. It's so embarrassing to see these old people doddering about, like Dire Straits. They're hideous. I'm sure they must be different people posing in latex masks...It would be ridiculous to feel any other way about it.  It's really emotionally exhausting making an album. I usually end up crying in the studio, which is a problem, because if you get emotional like that it just sounds as if you're singing badly. Yeah, I still haven't got over making this one yet…Every record we do is the last one…"

Despite fears from Fiction Records over the morose tone of the album,  'Disintegration'  became the band's biggest commercial success, going to sixty-one in Germany, twenty-two in Canada, twelve in the US, ten in Sweden, nine in Australia, seven in Norway, six in New Zealand, five in Austria, four in Switzerland, and three in the Netherlands and the UK.  It has sold more than three million copies worldwide.


The Cure - Lullaby from Nikha on Vimeo.

THE CURE - Lullaby by Caro69


"Fascination Street"

Cure - Fascination Street by jpdc11

"Pictures of You"


full album:

Disintegration from The Cure on Myspace.

All lyrics written by Robert Smith; all music composed by Smith, Simon Gallup, Roger O'Donnell, Porl Thompson, Boris Williams, and Lol Tolhurst.
"Plainsong" – 5:12
"Pictures of You" – 7:24
"Closedown" – 4:16
"Lovesong" – 3:29
"Last Dance" – 4:42
"Lullaby" – 4:08
"Fascination Street" – 5:16
"Prayers for Rain" – 6:05
"The Same Deep Water as You" – 9:19
"Disintegration" – 8:18
"Homesick" – 7:06
"Untitled" – 6:30

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