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St. Vincent found a stirring expression of emotional ambivalence in the challenging complexity of this cinematic carnival. Building on the sound of her solo debut 'Marry Me', 'Actor' shows Anne Erin Clark going deeper emotionally and musically. She describes the themes and her process: "I would say ['Actor'] deals with love as well, but it's also kind of about the subtle ways in which we deceive ourselves and deceive others--a lot of the difference between the appearance of something and the reality. I wanted to make something that was more like what grown-ups do...'Marry Me' was--in a good way--and in an appropriate way, sort of teenage. I wanted to make something that was more human, more real...I was a little bit bored with writing on guitar and I decided that I'd rather write most of the record on my computer. That also evolved because I'd recently moved to New York, and I couldn't make a lot of noise in my apartment. I wanted to make music like directors make films...You can get a lot from the cadence of how a character speaks, and you can sort of take one of your favorite spoken lines and dissect the rhythm of it, and take that rhythm and add. It just takes a little bit of a seed of something and the next thing you know you've created something that is a cousin to the source but is totally, totally, different...I would say I'm as inspired by film and visual arts as I am by music; and sometimes more so ... I feel like I’m always trying to keep this struggle between order and chaos. The guitar is sort of the realm in which I can go a little bit spastic and crazy and get a little bit out of control...[I] ended up trying to score some of my favorite films and scenes, and it became something that really informed the whole record. On one hand there is a belief in romance and idealization and on the other hand there is a sardonic undercutting of that idea. I think they are intertwined inextricably.”

'Actor' was co-produced by Clark with John Congleton at Elmwood Studio in Dallas,Texas and The Track Studio in Plano,Texas. The album credits Annie Clark on vocals, guitar, bass, keys, arrangement, and GarageBand; Hideaki Aomori on flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto, tenor and soprano saxophone; Michael Atkinson on French horn and score consultant; Daniel Hart on violin and sarangi; Mackenzie Smith on drums; and Alex Sopp on flute; with Paul Alexander and William Flynn on additional bass guitar; and Jeff Ryan, Matthias Bossi, and Aynsley Powell on additional drums. 'Actor' charted at one hundred and sixty-one in the UK and ninety in the US.

"Actor out of Work"  

"Save Me from What I Want"  


"The Strangers" 

"Black Rainbow" 

"Laughing With a Mouth of Blood"  

"The Bed"  

"The Party"  

"Just the Same but Brand New"  

"Oh My God"


full album:

All tracks written by Annie Clark.

1. "The Strangers" 4:05
2. "Save Me from What I Want" 3:35
3. "The Neighbors" 3:31
4. "Actor out of Work" 2:15
5. "Black Rainbow" 4:11
6. "Laughing With a Mouth of Blood" 3:02
7. "Marrow" 3:24
8. "The Bed" 3:43
9. "The Party" 4:05
10. "Just the Same but Brand New" 5:24
11. "The Sequel" 1:54

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