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talk talk talk

The Psychedelic Furs channelled their nihilistic fury into the snarling and bittersweet wall of noise of their second album. 'Talk Talk Talk' was produced by Steve Lillywhite and he brought a clarity to the din so you can make out the dynamic, interweaving twin guitars of John Ashton and Roger Morris; Duncan Kilburn on synths and saxophone; the propulsive rhythm section of Tim Butler and Vince Ely; and every savage, stylistic, sarcastic rasp of frontman Richard Butler. The album broke them on the US chart and was a top ten hit in New Zealand.

Richard Butler muses, “People say it's influential. The record doesn’t sound dated. In any given time, there are always different tricks that producers use. Steve Lilywhite thankfully didn’t use many of those so it didn’t have anything particularly to date it.”

According to Tim Butler: "I recollect... going to the pub around the corner from the rehearsal studio about 11 o'clock; we'd get drunk until the pub closed, and we'd grab a six-pack and go to the rehearsal studio and jam. And then at 5:30 when the pub opened, we'd be back there. I remember a lot of fights, a lot of energy and aggression — everybody was trying to get their input in. It just happened to all click."

'Pretty In Pink' didn't even crack the top forty when the album was on the charts; but it went on to inspire John Hughes to produce a film around it. The band re-recorded the song for the movie soundtrack and that version became their highest charting single in the UK.

"Caroline's on the table screaming
confidence is in the sea
all her favorite rags are worn and other kinds of uniform
they kid you you're really free
a case of individuality
you know what you want to be
until tomorrow
and everything you are
you see
in pure shiny buttons
doorbell sings it chimes it plays
anything goes
bells toll in rhyme"

movie version:

'Mr. Jones' updates the square protagonist from Dylan's 'Ballad Of A Thin Man'.

"So good so far
Slow down ha ha
Movie stars and ads
And radio define romance
Don't turn it on
I don't want to dance"

'No Tears' refuses to fall prey to all of the talk, talk, talk.

"There's conversation
And conversation
Talk about yourself again
Talk about the rain again
Another lie for you
Another point of view
How can you believe in them?
Don't believe in anything"

The misanthropic 'Dumbwaiters' was the band's first single to chart in the UK, peaking at fifty nine. Somehow, it hit number twenty seven on the US dance chart.

"Give me all your paper ma
So i can buy a train
They just wanna suck you into being one of them
Tell her that I'm not in here
Tell her I'm a freak
Tell her that I fall around every time I speak

She has got in for me
Yeah I mean it honestly
I just scream"

'She Is Mine' betrays real emotion behind the facade.

"Some people are dancing
And some fall in love
To the music of military tunes
You have to be crazy to stay in this place
You just have to laugh at it all
I didn't want to put you on
Or tape you down at all
Or leave you here so all alone
Or put you in this room"

The drone of 'All Of This And Nothing' provides a moody backdrop to the scattered remains of a love gone wrong.

"You didn't leave me anything
That I can understand
Now I'm left with all of this
A room full of your trash"

'Talk Talk Talk'

full album:

All songs written by Richard Butler, John Ashton, Roger Morris, Tim Butler, Duncan Kilburn and Vince Ely.

Side one
"Pretty in Pink" – 3:59
"Mr. Jones" – 4:03
"No Tears" – 3:14
"Dumb Waiters" – 5:09
"She Is Mine" – 3:51
Side two
"Into You Like a Train" – 4:35
"It Goes On" – 3:52
"So Run Down" – 2:51
"I Wanna Sleep with You" – 3:17
"All of This and Nothing" – 6:25

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