Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the edge of the world

The Mekons found their solid core when they added the shivering blues of Sally Timms' voice to the glorious, drunken cocktail of bellowing rocker Jon Langford and world weary crooner Tom Greenhalgh: a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, and a healthy dose of bile and bitters. 'The Edge Of The World' is the more rocking pop twin to the countrified punk of 'Fear and Whiskey'. The band had expanded to include violinist Susie Honeyman, multi-instrumentalist Lu Edmonds, accordianist Rico Bell, and drummer Steve Goulding, among others; and their rambling carnival was a blur of swagger dancing on the edge of the class struggle.

'Hello Cruel World' somehow finds its way through the despair, darkness, and doubt.

"Walking through the barbed wire
Sinking in the mud
I heard you singing
you sounded brave
Stepping over broken bodies
ignore my trembling hands
don`t think of this as blood
I know it is
Just pretend it doesnt hurt"

'Oblivion' embraces excess in an attempt to forget the gloom, anger, lies, and betrayal.

"You've always known and always remember
Then you forget you've always known"

'Big Zombie' takes the punkabilly roar of 'Hard To Be Human' and revs it up a notch.

"Start up in low, and watch them go
With a growl like lions in the zoo
Pardon merci, je suis le grande zombie
I'm just not human tonight"

'Slightly South Of The Border' feels more like an escape than a vacation moving on to another old town marching, coughing and croaking through stories that make us feel fine.

"The land stretches out
You can feel with your hands and under your feet
Run your fingers through valleys and streams
Snapping fences and warm pools of blood
That's the history of all our dreams
Paid for with words and tended with love"

'Garage D'or' is a sequel to the dramatic performance piece 'Psycho Cupid (Danceband on the Edge of Time)' from 'Fear And Whiskey'.

"lt was a bit funny being back in the kitchen again. Staring through the double glazing and feeling warm. Looking at the grey sky and snow just about to fall. I decided to ignore the smashed crockery and put the broken teapot in the corner still full of warm, steaming teabags. My sister had finally gone out. She'd given up on dad, like I had years ago. Poor kid, I suppose she'll learn sometime. But it's nice to be warm when you're feeling cold. lt had happened anyway. She knew it would. She was afraid for ages, but now her fear had grown gigantic. She tried to tell him, you think I want more than I do, but I don't -I onlywant to see you. But if I never see you again I'il die. Shit. But she saw that he hated her for making a scene and that his caution and distance... Is this too personal or natural!? She fell back into the water and drowned. The dream ended and she didn't care any more. She would never care again. She ran away from the flat taking his...
where she had gone. Oh well, anyway I never sang no beginning because you never want - ow! - find no beginning. lt's already gone and past. Whatever you're after, you'Il never find the beginning of it. And that's why you'll always be too late. The only thing you'll ever find is the end of things Whatever happens, it'll be what you didn't want to happen. Whatever doesn't happen will be the thing you want. Take your choosing how you like - you always get what you don't want. Now you're talking just like me. lt's an eye for an eye as we move over the darkness."

'Shanty' casts a leery eye on the wayward course charted by those in charge and gives the album its title.

"With a Yo and a Ho and there's one thing I know
We're not in the same boat at all
With a Yo and a Ho and the wind starts to blow
As we float off the edge of the world"

'King Arthur' describes a broken people scattered all over, talking of unity crippled by fate, divided and lonely, too weak and too late, hiding in the shadows, with eyes as cold as the grave.

"No one ever says good bye these days
We're all too busy running scared
With eyes of broken ice I watched you go
We're falling like leaves from the trees"

'The Edge Of The World' 
full album:

▸ A1  Hello Cruel World 3:15
▸ A2  Bastard 2:59
▸ A3  Oblivion 3:11
▸ A4  King Arthur 4:44
▸ A5  Ugly Band 2:55
▸ A6  Shanty 3:29
▸ A7  Garage d'Or 1:49
▸ B1  Big Zombie 3:22
▸ B2  Sweet Dreams 2:31
▸ B3  Dream, Dream, Dream 2:35
▸ B4  Slightly South of the Border 3:48
▸ B5  Alone & Forsaken 1:49
▸ B6  The Letter 3:48

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