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Ingénue Miss Janet staged a revolution with Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam. Her marriage had ended after one year; but it provided the impetus for her to break business ties with her father and manager. A&M executive John McClain replaced him and introduced her to Jam and Lewis. They worked closely with Jackson to develop the material for the album based on her new sense of empowerment. 'Control' was recorded at Flyte Tyme Studios in Minneapolis, "far from the glitter and distractions of Hollywood and the interference of manager-fathers." Jackson co-wrote and co-produced all but two of the songs. It has sold over fourteen million copies.

Paula Abdul was her dance coach and made appearances in some of the videos.

Leadoff single 'What Have You Done For Me Lately' concerns the disappointment surrounding the annulment of her marriage with singer James DeBarge.

"Your friends seem to think that you're so peachy keen
But my friends say neglect is on your mind...
Who's right?"

'Nasty' was inspired by an incident outside her Minneapolis hotel when a group of men made lewd advances toward her:  "They were emotionally abusive. Sexually threatening. Instead of running to Jimmy or Terry for protection, I took a stand. I backed them down."

'Control' is the mission statement of Janet's new paradigm:

"Got my own mind
I wanna make my own decisions
When it has to do with my life, my life"

Keyboardist for the Time, Monte Moir wrote and produced 'The Pleasure Principle', which was the only one of the six singles from the album that didn't crack the top five of the pop chart.

'Let's Wait Awhile' was a reflection on restraint that made it to number two on the pop chart. It borrowed its melody from 'Daisy Chain' by America.

The sexy makeout song that ends 'Control' sounds a lot like the album closer on her brother's 'Thriller'. It wasn't released as a single in the states; but became a staple on adult contemporary radio.

"Je ne sais pas ou le temps s'est enfui. Il me plait d'etre là avec tu."

'Control' full album:

All songs written and produced by James Harris III, Terry Lewis, and Janet Jackson, except where noted.  

1. "Control" 5:53
2. "Nasty" 4:03
3. "What Have You Done for Me Lately" 4:59
4. "You Can Be Mine" 5:16
5. "The Pleasure Principle" (Monte Moir) produced by Moir, Jackson, and Steve Wiese  4:58
6. "When I Think of You" 3:56
7. "He Doesn't Know I'm Alive"  (Spencer Bernard)  3:30
8. "Let's Wait Awhile" (Harris, Lewis, Jackson, Melanie Andrews)  4:37
9. "Funny How Time Flies" produced by Harris & Lewis  4:29

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