Thursday, February 3, 2011

camper van beethovan II & III

California indie-wunderkinds sidestep the sophomore slump with this eclectic low-fi gem. Compiled from two separate sessions recorded amidst a changing lineup where several members filled in on drums. The band expanded their musical palate from their debut Telephone Free Landslide Victory with new musical styles and brought in more diverse instrumentation. Pedal steel guitar, mandolin, and sitar add genuine depth to their sound. Over nineteen tracks they move from country western to raga to bluegrass to psychedelia to hardcore, often within the same song.


An 'Abundance' of gypsy delight.

'Sad Lover's Waltz' is timeless and beautiful.

'I Love Her All The Time' is a cover of the Sonic Youth song.

'Down And Out'

The Beatlesque tape manipulations of 'Circles' will get stuck in your head.

'ZZ Top Goes To Egypt' is one of the best song titles ever.

Cattle (Reversed)'

full album:

All tracks composed by Camper Van Beethoven; except where indicated

Side one
"Abundance" - 1:53
"Cowboys from Hollywood" - 1:43
"Sad Lovers Waltz" - 4:03
"Turtlehead" - 1:16
"I Love Her All the Time" (Sonic Youth) - 2:16
"No Flies on Us" - 1:46
"Down and Out" - 1:35
"No Krugerrands for David" - 2:32
"(Don't You Go To) Goleta" - 1:21
"4 Year Plan" - 1:49
Side two
"(We're A) Bad Trip" - 2:32
"Circles" - 2:52
"Dust Pan" - 1:54
"Sometimes" - 2:37
"Chain of Circumstance" - 2:27
"ZZ Top Goes to Egypt" - 3:07
"Cattle (Reversed)" - 2:50
"Form Another Stone" - 2:09
"No More Bullshit" - 3:08

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