Wednesday, July 1, 2015

oh yeah

Yello had a really good time and captured the zeitgeist of the me decade with this percussive electropop sensation.  The group was started in Switzerland by Boris Blank and Carlos Perón who then brought in millionaire industrialist Dieter Meier as a vocalist.  After three albums (Solid PleasureClaro Que Si, and You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess) Perón left to start a solo career.   Their next album 'Stella' saw Blank and Meier take their experimental sound in a more commercial direction.  It was during the sessions that they came up with their most enduring success.   

 Blank reveals:   "First I did the music and then I invited Dieter to sing along, and he came up with some lines which I thought, 'no Dieter, it's too complicated, we don't need that many lyrics'. I had the idea of just this guy, a fat little monster sits there very relaxed and says, "Oh yeah, oh yeah". So I told him, 'Why don't you try just to sing on and on 'oh yeah'?... Dieter was very angry when I told him this and he said, 'are you crazy, all the time "Oh yeah"? Are you crazy?! I can't do this, no no, come on, come on.' And then he said, 'some lyrics, like "the moon... beautiful", is this too much?!' and I said, 'no, it's OK', and then he did this 'oh yeah' and at the end he thought, 'yeah it's nice', he loved it himself also. And also I wanted to install lots of human noises, all kind of phonetic rhythms with my mouth; you hear lots of noises in the background which are done with my mouth."

Meier muses:   "My conceptual work is all about “la conquette de l’inulile“ (The conquest of the useless). Sometimes it’s repetitive, sometimes not...I’m a natural born hasardeur (gambler) in the hands of the perfectionism of Boris Blank...Aesthetic is always expression of the time into which it is thrown...Conceptual art is pure rationalism. If there is an opposite to that, it’s music ...  Our only task is “to become like children” (Jesus Christ). Success is a funny, sometimes dangerous side effect...“Oh Yeah” was pretty deep, wasn’t it?...I don’t know. I’m never looking or listening into the past."

'Stella'  became the first album by a Swiss artist to reach the top of the Swiss album chart.

"Oh Yeah" went to number fifty-one on the US pop chart, thirty-six on the US dance chart, and number nine in Australia.  The song has appeared in countless movies, commercials, and video games.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

The moon, beautiful
The sun, even more beautiful

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

Oh yeah, oh yeah

Such a good time
A really good time

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The Secret of My Success

 A remix entitled "Oh Yeah Oh Six" went to number one on the US dance chart in 2006.

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