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band of gypsys

Jimi Hendrix assembled a new group to lay down the hard funk machine gun blues of this incendiary tour de force.  After three groundbreaking albums with the Jimi Hendrix Experience ('Are You Experienced?' 'Axis:  Bold As Love' , and 'Electric Ladyland' ), bassist Noel Redding left the group.  Hendrix began working with different musicians, performing at the Woodstock Festival with an expanded lineup that included bassist Billy Cox, guitarist Larry Lee, and percussionists Juma Sultan and Jerry Velez.  Cox and Lee (who had both played with Hendrix years earlier in Tennesee) appeared with Hendrix for an appearance on 'The Dick Cavett Show' before Lee would leave the group.  Hendrix and Cox began playing with drummer Buddy Miles and recording demos.  A series of shows at  Fillmore East in New York City were seen as an opportunity to fulfill contractual obligations with Capitol Records for another album of new material.  

'Band of Gypsys' was drawn from two shows that took place at the Fillmore on January 1, 1970 with Jimi Hendrix on electric guitar and vocals;   Billy Cox on bass guitar and vocals;   and  Buddy Miles on drums and vocals.  The album was produced by Jimi Hendrix with Wally Heider as live recording engineer, Eddie Kramer as studio mixing engineer, and Bob Ludwig as mastering engineer.  

Hendrix would admit:  "I wasn't too satisfied with the 'Band of [Gypsys]' album.  If it had been up to me I would have never put it out.  From a musician's point of view it was not a good recording and i was out of tune on a few things.  Not enough preparation went into it and it came out a bit 'grizzly' - We all felt shaky.  The thing was we owed the record compand an album and they were pushing us - so here it is.  There were some nice songs on the album - some nice ideas - particularly on side two, and we will be doing some of those on the tour."

'Band of Gypsys' still found its way to number fifteen in Germany, fourteen on the US R&B chart, nine in Norway, seven in the Netherlands, six in the UK, and number five in Canada and the US.  By the time it was released, the trio had already broken up.  


'Band of Gypsys' 
full album:


side one
1. "Who Knows" (Jimi Hendrix) 9:34
2. "Machine Gun" (Hendrix)  12:38
side two
3. "Changes" (Buddy Miles)  5:11
4. "Power to Love" (Hendrix)  6:55
5. "Message of Love" (Hendrix) 5:24
6. "We Gotta Live Together"  (Miles)  5:51

'Live at the Fillmore East'
compiles more songs from the shows including performances from the first two shows on December 31, 1969.  

full concert:

Jimi Hendrix/ Band Of Gypsys- Fillmore East 1/1... by carlfia


Jimi Hendrix/ Band Of Gypsys- Fillmore East 1/1... by carlfia

'The Dick Cavett Show' 9/11/69


Jimi Hendrix en Woodstock by OscarAlfredo1010

'Band of Gypsys' 
liner notes:  

Baby Child as a man
as a living grain of sand…
Sitting on the ever changing shore,
Greeting the sunrise…
Picked up upon the Gypsy woman,
Hair Flaming Night as ravens even sleep…rainbow cloth
Tambourine complimenting her chant and choice of graces,
And Love Her God…

I actually looked upon her on my right…coming forth,
And Baby Child then secondly looked his left to eye
And 11 or 12 women, men and little ones approached;
They clad in their master’s wish;
White robes swaying to be baptized.
These two world crossed each other in front of me, when
Afterwards, Baby Child sipped a heartful of ocean…
Spat out the waste and walked upon the New Day.

– Jimi Hendrix

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