Thursday, February 26, 2015

orange blossom special

Johnny Cash got back to basics to talk about a ramblin' with the restless railroad blues of this country and western wildwood outlaw urban folk gospel revival.    Continuing his winning streak from the past year with 'I Walk The Line' and 'Bitter Tears:  Ballads of the American Indian' , 'Orange Blossom Special' was produced by Don Law and Frank Jones;  and featured  Johnny Cash on vocals and guitar;   June Carter on vocals;  Luther Perkins, Norman Blake, and Ray Edenton on guitar;  Marshall Grant on bass;  W.S. Holland on drums;   Bill Pursell on piano;   Charlie McCoy on harmonica;   Bill McElhiney and Karl Garvin on trumpet;  Boots Randolph on saxophone;  and Pop Staples on call and response vocal on  “Orange Blossom Special”.   

'Orange Blossom Special' went to number forty-nine on the US pop album chart and number three on the US country album chart.  The album featured three compositions by Bob Dylan.  Cash would later express:  "There's no doubt about Bob Dylan's influence on my music and myself...We became friends, but I already was a fan of his.  I still am...Bob is timeless.  Invariably, before every day ends, there will be a Bob Dylan song that'll float through me."

"Orange Blossom Special" was released before the album, and peaked at number three on the US country singles chart.  Cash would recount in the album liner notes:      "I  recorded “Orange Blossom Special” in the mid 60’s and in those days everybody that recorded it claimed the arrangement because no one knew who wrote it. But Mother Maybelle Carter was at the session, and I asked her, do you know who really wrote “Orange Blossom special”? She said, Sure I Do. Ervin Rouse and his brother Gordon. And I said. Last time I heard, they were in Florida. It was the only clue I had. I called a disc jockey down there named Cracker Jim Brooker, and I asked Cracker Jim, Did you ever hear of Ervin Rouse? And he said, Aw, I know Ervin. He lives with the Seminoles out in the swamp buggies for a living. I said, You got any idea how I can talk to him?   And he said, Sure. I’ll announce it on the air Evrin call me and I’ll give you Johnny Cash’s number. It wasn’t an hour till Ervin Rouse called me from some little settlement in the swamps. I said, Ervin, I happen to be coming to Miami on tour. Would you come to my show and do “Orange Blossom Special” with me? He and Gordon came in the clothes they worked in. I brought Evrin up to play the fiddle, and he absolutely killed them. At the end of the song, they were applauding and he literally got down on his knees. He was such a sweet humble man. Gordon’s still living. I still see him every time I’m down there."

Look yonder coming, coming down that railroad tarck
Look yonder coming, coming down that railroad tarck
It's the oOrange Blossom Special. Bring my baby back

Well, I'm going down to florida, and get some sand in my shoes 
Or maybe California, and get some sand in my shoes.
I'll ride the Orange Blossom Special, and lose these New York Blues

"say man, when you going back to Florida ?"
Going back to Florida 
Don't know, don't reckon I ever will 
"ani't you worried about getting your nourishment in New York ?" 
I don't care if I do-die-dodie-do.....

Hey talk about a-rambling, she's the fastest train on the line.
Hey talk about a-rambling, she's the fastest train on the line.
It's the Orange Blossom Special, rolling down the seaboard line

"The Long Black Veil"

"It Ain't Me Babe"

'Orange Blossom Special' 
full album:  

Side one
1. "Orange Blossom Special"   Ervin T. Rouse, Gordon Rouse 3:06
2. "The Long Black Veil"   Marijohn Wilkin, Danny Dill 3:06
3. "It Ain't Me Babe"   Bob Dylan 3:03
4. "The Wall"   Harlan Howard 2:09
5. "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"   Bob Dylan 2:56
6. "You Wild Colorado"   Johnny Cash 1:45
Side one
1. "Mama, You've Been on My Mind"   Bob Dylan 3:02
2. "When It's Springtime in Alaska"   Tillman Franks 2:36
3. "All of God's Children Ain't Free"   Johnny Cash 2:11
4. "Danny Boy"   Frederick Weatherly 5:08
5. "Wildwood Flower"   A.P. Carter 2:10
6. "Amen"   Jester Hairston 2:05

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