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burnt weeny sandwich

 The Mothers of Invention interposed hearty neo-classical jazz experiments with a crust of comic doo-wop covers to produce this posthumous smoking sausage showboat.  After three years together producing five albums ( Freak Out! , Absolutely Free We're Only in It for the Money Cruising with Ruben & the Jets , and Uncle Meat ) and one compilation (Mothermania - The Best Of The Mothers), Frank Zappa disbanded the group in 1969.  It was at this time that he moved from MGM Records to Warner Bros. subsidiary Reprise Records where his releases would utilize the Bizarre Records imprint.  

Zappa said around this time onstage:   Now we got desperate a few months ago and uh, because we thought nobody liked us. [...] So what we did was we went into a professional recording studio in New York City in the middle of the night for two nights in a row and also a Saturday afternoon for mixing and cranked out two miserable teen-age type records with words that couldn't possibly offend anybody [...]. And so they're being released this week. [...] We'll begin our medley of Mothers Of Invention hit singles, ahem, with the B-side of this one, which is a tune called "Valarie."

'Burnt Weeny Sandwich' features  Frank Zappa on organ, guitar, and vocals;   Jimmy Carl Black on percussion and drums;   Roy Estrada on bass, backing vocals, and Pachuco rap on "WPLJ";   Janet Ferguson on backing vocals for "WPLJ";   Bunk Gardner on horn and wind;   Buzz Gardner on trumpet;   Billy Mundi on drums;  Lowell George on guitar and vocals;   Don "Sugarcane" Harris on violin on "The Little House I Used to Live In";   Don Preston on bass, piano, and keyboards;   Jim Sherwood on guitar, vocals, and wind;   Art Tripp on drums and percussion;   Ian Underwood on guitar, piano, keyboards, and wind;   John Balkin on bass for "WPLJ", string bass for "Overture to a Holiday in Berlin".   The album was produced and arranged by Frank Zappa with engineer Dick Kunc intersplicing studio overdubs with live tracks from while the group was still together.  

'Burnt Weeny Sandwich' reached number ninety-four on the US album chart.  Zappa would express decades later:   "Well, you have to call them something, so why not call them something amusing? ... I still eat burnt weeny sandwiches. It's one of the great things in life. At least it's a great lunch. You take a Hebrew National, put it on a fork, burn it on the stove, wrap two pieces of bread around it, squirt some mustard on it, eat it and you're back to work."


'Burnt Weeny Sandwich' 
full album:  

All songs written and composed by Frank Zappa except where noted.

side one
1. WPLJ 0:00   (The Four Deuces)
2. Igor's Boogie, Phase One 2:51
3. Overture To A Holiday In Berlin 3:29
4. Theme From Burnt Weeny Sandwich 4:56
5. Igor's Boogie, Phase Two 9:28
6. Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown 10:03
7. Aybe Sea 16:29
side two
8. Little House I Used To Live In 19:13
9. Valarie 37:56   (Jackie and the Starlites)


Frank Zappa_The Mothers Of Invention - Burnt... by pourlidasnstavros

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