Friday, February 27, 2015

furnace room lullaby

Neko Case and Her Boyfriends tenderly twisted the knife over and under to break us with tales of heartbreak, murder, and loss.  In the years since her debut album 'The Virginian' Case had played with  the Corn Sisters and the New Pornographerswhile working on the followup.  The sessions for 'Furnace Room Lullaby' featured Scott Betts on bass;   Neko Case on art direction, photography, production, tambourine, vocal harmony, and vocals;   Brian Connelly on guitar, baritone guitar, and electric guitar;  Bob Egan on lap steel guitar, national steel guitar, and pedal steel;  Dallas Good on guitar;  Travis Good on upright bass, fiddle, 8 string guitar, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, electric guitar, tenor guitar, and mandolin;  Mike Grier on vocals;  Kelly Hogan on vocals and background vocals;  Evan Johns (and his H-Bombs) on electric guitar and steel guitar;  Kevin Kane on 12 string guitar;  Don Kerr on snare drum and guitar; Linda McRae on accordion;  Darryl Neudorf on acoustic guitar;  Carl Newman on vocals;  Ford Pier on organ and piano;  John Ramberg on baritone guitar, electric guitar, and background vocals;  Henri Sangalang on bass;  Ron Sexsmith on acoustic guitar and vocals;  and Joel Trueblood on drums and snare.  

Case says: "You're not supposed to totally know what's happening. The songs are supposed to give you clues so you can fill in the blanks. I don't know if I'm good at this or not, but I try. I started out trying to write songs that were more straightforward but it didn't really work. And I'm particularly not good at writing love songs. Maybe if something comes to be, but I can't just whip one up. Unless it's about loving dogs, then I'll sound like a kook. Maybe I do now ... It was weird how the Corn Sisters and the [New] Pornographers and my record [2000's Furnace Room Lullaby] all came out at the same time, because we'd been working on those projects three years prior. People would probably make the mistake that I'm super-prolific, but I'd just been working on them for a long time... I'm not super-slow, but I'm not super-prolific, either. Especially with the Pornographers, it's a lot easier, because I don't actually write the songs. [mock-announcer's voice] "There are a team of songwriters working around the clock in my absence!" They do all the songwriting, Dan [Bejar] and Carl [Newman], and then I come in and sing, which is a nice holiday for me. The Corn Sisters, we do a lot of old songs, a lot of covers, we do some songs we've written, some songs Carolyn has written herself. That's a very low-pressure band."

"Mood to Burn Bridges"

"Thrice All American"

"Furnace Room Lullaby"

'Furnace Room Lullaby'
full album:

1. "Set Out Running"   Neko Case 3:00
2. "Guided by Wire"   Scott Betts, Case, John Ramberg, Joel Trueblood 3:21
3. "Porchlight"   Case, Brian Connelly, Don Kerr, Ron Sexsmith 3:35
4. "Mood to Burn Bridges"   Betts, Case, Connelly, Trueblood 2:53
5. "No Need to Cry"   Betts, Case, Connelly, Trueblood 2:16
6. "Twist the Knife"   Ryan Adams, Case, Mike Daley, Ramberg 2:34
7. "Thrice All American"   Betts, Case, Connelly, Ramberg, Trueblood 3:13
8. "We've Never Met"   Case, Kerr, Sexsmith 2:52
9. "Whip the Blankets"   Betts, Case, Connelly, Trueblood 2:43
10. "South Tacoma Way"   Betts, Case, Connelly, Trueblood 4:51
11. "Bought and Sold"   Case, Ramberg 2:09
12. "Furnace Room Lullaby"   Case, Travis Good 2:53

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