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version 2.0

Garbage rebooted their computerized dance pop with a looser and harder electronic sound on this slick and seductive sequel.  After the massive success of their eponymous debutthe band started working on new material while staying at the vacation house of Jerry Moss in Friday Harbor, Washington.  They made some demos and took them to their home in Madison, Wisconsin.  Some of the rhythm tracks were recorded at an abandoned candy factory before noise complaints led to the police to make them leave.  They put everything together at their own Smart Studios under the working title 'Sad Alcoholic Clowns' with Shirley Manson on vocals; Duke Erikson and Steve Marker on guitar; Daniel Shulman on bass; and Butch Vig on drums; with Todd Malcolm Michiles on record scratching (on "I Think I'm Paranoid"); Jon J. Vriesacker on violin (on "Medication" and "The Trick Is To Keep Breathing"); and Michael Masley on cymbalom (on "Medication" and "The Trick Is To Keep Breathing").  The band wrote and produced all of the songs with engineering by Billy Bush.  

Vig reflects:    "I wear two different hats, really. When a producer, I’m working on someone else’s music and their vision. If I’m working with the Foo Fighters or Green Day, it’s their songs and it’s my job to help them reach that vision and where they want to go with those songs. In Garbage, I’m a musician and a songwriter and I’m working on my songs, or our songs, and that’s a completely different thing and my production ideas. Obviously, I have a lot of production ideas in terms of how the record should sound. But so do Shirley, Duke and Steve, and that’s why all four of us are listed as producer because we all are extremely opinionated on the way the record should sound...It is a four-way brain-filter, and we agree on a lot of things and there’s a sensibility that we share, but we argue about a lot of things and that tension is good, I think, because ultimately it pushes everybody a little bit harder to sort of get on the same page and also get the sort of performances that we’re all into."

Manson looks back:    "We were under so much pressure, but we knew we had to try something new. We'd all become obsessed with the breakthroughs in those early years of the technological revolution, we were determined to bring this new thinking to the fore. Of all our past records, this is the one I have the deepest affection for — we had so much fun making and promoting it. Really, a magical time in my life ... It wasn't that we tried to create a hype as a lot of people claim. We didn't try to make the public more eager for the new album. We wanted to release the album earlier but it took us longer than we expected to finish it. We also changed our distributor and that caused a further delay...It's our second album. So, it's a pretty good name...We collaborated and we worked together, even more on 'Version 2.0' than on our first album. I wouldn't be happy in a band that just wants a girlie standing there, singing and looking cute, and I wouldn't stay in a band where I'm not happy. I'm too damned pigheaded to do that and they don't want it. Their intention was to get a singer who sounds like a woman and they got a whole woman, not just a woman's voice. It's pretty good how it all turned out ... We didn't want to totally embrace the world of we juxtaposed the super-hi-fi with the super-organic...We wanted there to be echoes of the music we love in our music...All around the album is more diverse - it goes to extremes...With the lyrics, I tried to let the darker undercurrents come through to offset some of the pop melodies.  Like human beings, songs shouldn't be one-dimensional."

'Version 2.0' went to number twenty-three in Spain; twenty-two in the Netherlands; twenty in Italy; seventeen in Switzerland; thirteen in the US; twelve in Sweden; six in Finland; five in Australia; four in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Norway, and Portugal; three in Taiwan; two in Canada, Hong Kong, and Iceland; and number one in Belgium, France, New Zealand, the UK, and on the European album chart.  In the UK, the album made its debut at number one.  'Version 2.0' received  two Grammy Award nominations for Album of the Year and Best Rock Album.

1. "Temptation Waits" 

2. "I Think I'm Paranoid"  shivered up to ninety-eight in Germany, ninety-four in the Netherlands, fifty-seven in Australia, nineteen in New Zealand, nine in the UK, and number six on the US modern rock chart. 

3. "When I Grow Up"  graduated to number twenty-eight in Ireland, twenty-four in New Zealand, twenty-three on the US modern rock chart, twenty-two in Australia, and number nine in the UK. 

4. "Medication" 

5. "Special"  made it to number fifty-four in Australia, fifty-two in the US, forty-two in Canada, fifteen in the UK, and eleven on the US modern rock chart.  It was nominated for Grammys  for Best Rock Song and for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group 

6. "Hammering in My Head" 

7. "Push It"  was the first single.  It went to number eighty-eight in Germany, seventy-seven in the Netherlands, fifty-two in the US, thirty-one in Australia, twenty-six in Ireland, fifteen in New Zealand, nine in the UK, and number five on the US modern rock chart.  The video for received eight nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards.

8. "The Trick Is to Keep Breathing"  

9. "Dumb" 

10. "Sleep Together" 

11. "Wicked Ways"  

12. "You Look So Fine"  charted at number nineteen in the UK. 

Garbage - You look so fine (Offical Video) from abc def on Vimeo.

'Version 2.0' 
full album: 

All songs written and composed by Garbage, except where noted. 

1. "Temptation Waits"   4:36
2. "I Think I'm Paranoid"   3:38
3. "When I Grow Up"   3:23
4. "Medication"   4:06
5. "Special"   3:43
6. "Hammering in My Head"   4:52
7. "Push It"   4:02
8. "The Trick Is to Keep Breathing"   4:11
9. "Dumb"   3:50
10. "Sleep Together"   4:03
11. "Wicked Ways"   3:43
12. "You Look So Fine"   5:25

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